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america´s sweetheart - part 50

Things were better between Justin and I too. I forgave him, we talked small, and I know we´ll be okay too. He seems to want to be touching me all the time too, because he plays with my hand, hair, holds me, all the time. Not that I mind, i find his touch comforting.





"hey ma" I kissed her cheek as I saw her. I was on a visit to her. "hey honey. How are you?" She asked concerned. I blew out a big breath ," I honestly dont know" I said and she smiled sadly at me, "want to talk?" She asked and i nodded. A good talk with my mom is what i need now.


"Everything has happened so fast, you know. Like, I found out I was going to be a dad, Victoria was attacked, then Im not going to be a dad" I said, "Victoria took it the hardest, and that is hard to deal with for me. She was the one who really had our baby, before it was gone and...i dont know" I continued. "I know we are young and stuff, but after i got over the shock, I was exited to become a parent, to have a family with her" I said and my mom smiled a small smile, "do you know how far along she was?" She asked softly. I frowned, ", i havent asked her" I muttered. "The way I see two are going through something no one deserves to go through, and since you both are so young, you´re feeling things you havent before, and that makes it harder to deal with" Mom said, " What happened is unfair, and that okay. Victoria didnt deserve to be attacked, and you guys didnt deserve to lose your child, but you can choose what you want to happen next. You can come out stronger, smarter and better. Maybe you werent ready to become parents at the moment, but you will. As for Victoria.. Its important that you show her that you´re there for her, and that shes not alone. Just be there for her, love her. She needs to know shes not alone." She continued, "I know you two will get through this, your love is true" She smiled and i blew out a breath. "just..Take some time off and spend it with her. Youll get a new chance on becoming parents" She smiled softly.  "go on walks, watch movies, stuff like that. Sing her a song!" She suggested brightly.



On my way back to Victorias appartment, I thought about everything my mom said. Shes right,we can chose to let this bring us down, or we can come out stronger than we were before. Victoria told me how her broken rib hurt the most when she moved too much, and that she got tired quickly. Maybe a little walk will do her good though? some fresh air and stuff.The doctor said that her ribbs would get healed in about a two weeks time, so thats not too bad i guess.Another good thing is how the media doesnt know anything about what happened, and it will stay that way too.


"babe?" I called out once I got to her appartment. "here" I heard her and rolled my eyes. well where is "here" then? I walked around her  big and open livingroom and found her in the bathroom, standing infront of the mirror applying something to her face. I frowned, "what are you doing?" I asked. She glanced at me, "my mom gave me this skincream of some sort. Apperiantly it makes bruises heal faster" She rolled her eyes, "i dont see how thats possible, but Im trying it anyways".  She mumbled. I knew Victoria thought she looked horrible with her bruises, but she honestly dont. They are a nasty shade of color, but other than that, it doesnt look bad. "hey, i was thinking" I said, "maybe we can go for a little walk? " I suggested. She looked thoughtfull. "what if someone sees us?"She asked softly. "we can wear a cap and sunglasses or something. I think it will be good, you know, some fresh air and do something else besides being here all day" I said and she hummed. "true" She said, "can we go tomorrow instead of today?" she asked and i nodded, "ofcourse" I smiled and kissed her forhead. I didnt want to hurt her by kissing her lip, seeing as it still was sore and stuff, even though i longed to kiss my girl.





The hardest thing about having a sore body; waking up in the morning. Everything is stiff and sore then and it´s hard to move. The hardest thing is to actually get up from the bed, because of my rib. Justin helps me, but it still hurts but i know Justin tries his hardest to make it hurt less.


Later on the day, we were walking along the beach. It felt nice actually. It was a slight breeze and the sun was shining, it was great. We walked slow, hands intertwined as normal, and the water barley fit our feet. I was wearing a long, light maxi skirt so my bruises on my feet wouldnt notice if someone were to notice who we were, and a light long sleezed shirt. I also had this big round beach hat on my head, while Jusitn kept his "swag" and wore a snapback.


We didnt really talk while we walked, because it was so peachefull that we didnt need to. It felt good to actually move my body too, though we walked slow. After a while of walking, we sat down in the sand, away from where most people sat."you dont have to answer..." Justin said, making me look at him, " how far along were you?" He asked. I looked out at the sea again, "five weeks" I murmured, "no wonder I was so moodsick all the time, huh?" I said, trying to lighten the mood. Justin cracked a smile, "yeah, i was really confused and had no idea what to do" He chuckled quietly and i smiled, "I cant actually wait to have a family with you" He said, and i wasnt suprised. Justin has many times said he wants family with me. I smiled again,  "you´ll make a great mom" He stated and i looked at him, seeing the honesty in his eyes, "I can already imagine it. We´ll have atleast five kids" He smirked and i gaped, "five?!" I spluttered. " alright, three then. four" He laughed, "and a big house with a pool where the kids can learn to swim" He smiled and i felt warm thining about our future together, a future i know we´ll have. "what do you want our house to be like?" I asked and he laughed, "I only have one demand, and that is a basketball court. As long as we have that, you can decided the rest" He grinned and i chuckled, "deal" I smiled and kissed him lightly.


I knew in that moment, that everything would work out the way it was supposed to be. Things are tough at the moment, but we will get past that, together, and greater things will await us. I know Justin is the one I will marry some day, and I know we will have a family together. He was my first boyfriend, love and everything, and I know he´ll be my last.











 Ferdig!!  Som alltid på den siste delen av en historie, vil jeg at alle dere forteller meg hva dere syntes om den! gode ting, dårlige ting, hva dere likte, ikke likte, hva dere savnet, osv osv. Gjerne ta med hva dere vil lese mer om i den neste historien også! Hvilke forventninger dere har og sånne ting.


Som jeg har sagt tidligere, så kommer det en sesong 2 av denne historien der vi følger den fremtidlige sønnen deres, men før jeg legger ut første del av den, skal jeg ha fått minst 17, gode, fyldige kommentarer fra dere :-)



Tusen takk til alle som leser historiene mine!




america´s sweetheart - part 49

"I love you too" I chocked out, feeling just tired and sad. "we´ll get through this, okay? I promise. We´ll get through this. I love you, and we´ll get through this. okay?" He said as he stood, cupping my face withs his warm hands. He rested his forhead on mine and closed his eyes, "we´ll get through this" He repeated in a whisper,sounding determinded.





It was weird waking up. It was like I had to remind myself of why I was in the hospital, and i would get sad again. It was hard, all of it. My body was still sore, it hurt to move anything actually. The doctor said that I should just rest as much as I could, but it was also good for my body to move around a little, maybe sometime soon go for a small walk. It was my concussion everyone was worried about though, i dont know why, as long as i stay away from things that crave too much consentration, i should be fine. My rib hurt too,  alot. I felt it whenever if i moved too much, but not when if i walked, but i got painkillers for it, so they dulls it a bit, but i can still feel it. My bruises are still nasy and bad. I stay away from the mirrors when im at the bathroom, i know i look disgusting. good side of it, i can leave today.


I had seen more people today. Justin seemed to have a problem with letting  me out of his sight, so he stayed in my room the whole day. my parents came, pattie, lynn and scooter, alfredo. They were all  gentle and cautious, as if they didnt know how to act around me. I didnt speak much, i didnt have anything to say, and i had a lot of thoughts and feelings i was dealing with.


It was around 7pm and I was allowed to leave. Justin, Lynn, Kenny and my parents were with me. "I´ve made your bed and arranged everything with food and all at your appartment" My mom smiled gently down at me, seeing as I was sitting in a wheelchair. Why, i have no idea, but i cant say im not happy about it, i get tired over anything. Justin was behind me, appearing to be very determind that he was the one who was going to push me. the two of us havent really talked that much since he apoligized, and i know that we have a lot we need to solve. "thanks" I smiled small. The doctor came as my dad was done with signing the papers. The doctor spoke about everything i needed to be careful with and whatnot, but i didnt listen to him. "my movie premiers is about a month and a half from now. Will i be able to go to that?" I asked, and everyone seemed suprised by it. "Im afraid i dont have the answer at the moment. We will have to see when you come for your checkup in a few weeks" He replied and i nodded once. "Well, it appears so that you´re ready to go" He smiled, "thank you for everything" I smiled and my parents thanked him as well, for saving me and all.

 My mom didnt want to leave once I was settled back in my appartment. She was almost crying again, and made sure I was fine before shee and everyone else left. Well, everyone except from Justin. He stayed, and I had a feeling he wouldnt be leaving anytime soon.  "dont you have a job to think about?" I mumbled as I sat in my bed as Justin were fuzzing around, closing curtains and everything. He snorted, "I dont care about my job right now. If you dont remember, you are injured" He said with a smartass tone. I frowned to myself, "Im not leaving you, Vic" He said more firmly. I stared at him. He sighed, "how are you feeling?"He asked and i shrugged. He pursed his lips, "do you want anything?" He asked softly and i shook my head. "can..can you talk to me? please?" He pleaded. "what is there to say?" I asked, my voice soft. I was so confused by it all. It seems to unreal, evertyhing seems surreal. I lost a baby after knowing i was pregnant for less than a day. And all i can think about is what if. What if i hadnt been attacted?


"there is  a lot to talk about" He said and climbed into the bed next to me. He sat so he could look down at me.  "What do you want me to say, justin? I just got home from hospital after being mugged" I spoke impassivly, making Justin frustrated, "maybe you should take the doctors advice and talk to a therapist about it" He suggested cautionatly. "I dont need a therapist. Im fine" I muttered, crossing my arms and leaned my head back on the headboard. Justin shook his head in frustration, "why cant you ju-" I cut him off, "I´m fine" I said and he stopped, looking at me with  an emotion i couldnt place. "why wont you let me help you?" He asked, pain across his face. "Because you hurt me!" I cracked, the words rushing out of me. "you hurt me" I said more quietly, "I´m feeling so many emotions right now, and i dont know how to deal with any of them" I whispered, once again feeling tears well up in my eyes.


"I know i did, but you dont know how much i hurt myself by doing so. Im so sorry" He said, his voice filled with emotions. I blinked away my tears and looked at him, "I will do anything to make you forgive me. I know i dont deserve you..but im selfish, and i want you. please, i.. i love you more than anything" He pleaded and it actually hurt to see him so broken. "answer me, please" He said, but i didnt feel like talking. "Victoria, why are you like this? why wont you talk to me?" He asked hurt, "i lost my baby justin!" I bollowed, "i lost my baby" I repeated, feeling the pain build up again. "no" He said firmly, " we lost our baby, Victoria. our baby" He said, his eyes welling up. He leaned forward and placed his hands on my shoulders, making me look at him through my tears, " But it´s okay, because we´ll get through it together, okay? You´re not alone here, you know that. What happened to you..was awful, and we´ll get through it." He said, looking me straight in to my tearfull eyes. A sob broke through as I nodded and Justin breathed out in relief before wrapping his arms carefully around me so i wouldnt hurt, but firmly. He said next to me with his arm around my shoulders, and the other one wrapped around my front and i leaned my head on his shoulder as I cried silently. He kissed the top of my head and rested his head on top of mine.


When we sat like that, I realized that I needed Justin for all of whats coming next. I need him to hold me like this, for him to be here with me. And he needs me, too. We would get through this. Having Justins comforting arms around me felt so good, it made me relax a bit. " I would kiss you, but your lip is still bad" He murmured softly and I groaned, remembering how awful I looked. My face is messed up. My eyes is still swollen, blue and a nasty shade of yellow. My lip is still busted, and all together, my face is a mess, it hurts too. "what?" Justin chuckled quietly as he heard my groan, "i look horrible" I mumbled, not understanding how Justin has managed to look at me without being naseous. "I think you look beautiful" He said and i snorted, "you´re my boyfriend, you have to say that" I rolled my eyes. "my face is a colored mix between blue yellow and purple" I added. " and?" He inquired. "even though your face is all blue, your eyes still has the same beautiful twinkle. and your lips are still pink and kissable, trust me. and your smile is still gorgeous" He said and i could hear his small smirk. How did i end up getting Justin for myself?


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A couple of days later and I was happy to see that my bruises were fading.  They were still noticable, but they were fading. Justin had practically moved in too, he got someone to bring over clothes and his laptop, and when i asked why he looked at me like i was stupid and told me that he wouldnt leave me to be alone ever now. I ofcourse said that i would be fine alone a few hourse, and then he took a low blow and quoted the doctor. "you need rest, as in resting, being still, not moving" he said, so he does everything around here while i sit around doing literally nothing at all. Things were better between Justin and I too. I forgave him, we talked small, and I know we´ll be okay too. He seems to want to be touching me all the time too, because he plays with my hand, hair, holds me, all the time. Not that I mind, i find his touch comforting.

america´s sweetheart - part 48

"family of Victoria Francis?" I got up within a second as the Doctor spoke. So did Kath and Kenny too. "thats us" Kath said worridly, clutching her hands. He nodded once, "Whats going on? " I asked, my heart beating rapidly.



"Victoria was mugged" He said and Kath whimpered, "From the injuries on her body, it seems that it was one attacker, and we have informed the police" He said. "Victoria, what about Victoria? is she okay?" I asked frustrated. I dont give a flying shit about who did it right now, he´ll pay later. " The damage is many, but I assure you, she´s okay" He said but i still held my breath. "Her body is badly bruised. When you see her, i must prepare you on what you´ll see. It looks worse than what it is" He said, "thats is?" Kath asked hopefully. The doctor sighed. "no" He said. "Mrs Francis, you´re daughter recieved several hits to her head. She gained a  heavy concussion. We were worried that since she fainted, her brain would have swelled, but it didnt, and that tells us that she didnt lay there long before you found her" He said, " one of her ribs are broken, and along are a couple fractured. Her head and stomach were the worst exposed" He seemed to hesitate at the end and i started to think the worse already. "but she´s okay? she´s okay? why was she in surgery?" Kath asked. The doctor looked from Kath to me, to kath again. "She will be okay" He assured us, "but..Im sorry, but your daughter lost her baby-" My legs gave in and I fell down onto the chair, my head in my hands once again. The doctor kept talking but I couldnt hear it, all i could hear was his words, she lost her baby. our baby. our baby is gone. Pain like I´ve never felt before surrounded my chest and I felt like i couldnt breath, even though i was breathing harse and fast. Our little baby...





There is only pain. Everything hurts, my head, my chest, there is a burning pain. Where am i? Though I tried, I couldnt open my eyes. I try to move my arm, but, no, nothing. Nothing responds. Everything just hurts. Everything is heavy and aching, and nothing will move. My eyes and mouth are unwilling to open, so im blind and mute and aching. "Im not leaving her" I hear several voices in a low volume, but my mind was struggeling to the sounds of them. the voices felt like my lifeline and i had to grab hold of them to get myself to consciousness.


"victoria?" A soft voice I reconginzed spoke. My head hurts. "victoria?" My side hurts. "baby please come back to me. Im sorry. just come back. wake up" Shit how everything hurts.My eyelids felt like they weighted a ton each, and i almost cried out in joy when i managed to slowly open them. I blinked once and the first thing i saw was Justins crouched frame on the side of the bed. He held my hand with both of his, and his head were resting on top of them. I tried to talk but my mouth was completely dry. My lips were sore and it hurt aswell. Everything hurts. I licked my lips, trying to get some moisture on them, but it helped little. "justin" My voice came out as a hoarse whisper, really unattractive. His head snapped up faster than ever, his eyes wide and they filled with tears as he saw me awake. "thank god" He whispered , getting up, cupping my face with his hands. Silent tears ran down his cheeks and landed on my face as he kissed my forhead. "baby" He whispered, kissing my forhead once more. "it hurts" I managed to get out. "i know" He sounded pained. "i´ll get the doctor" He said and rushed out, and it didnt take a minute before he was back with me, and a doctore and a nurse behind him.


The nurse did all kinds of check ups on me and I didnt have any energy in me to talk or do anything, so I just laid there and let her do her job. Justin was standing beside of the bed, staring at me, making me feel uncomfortable. Memories of the last time I saw him came back, and i was confused. Wait- "The baby!" It hurt to talk. My eyes filled with tears, "the baby, is it okay? the baby is okay, right? right?" I asked, my voice sounded horrible. I looked at the doctor, the nurse, and justin, and they all had the same look. "no" I said quietly, shaking my head. "Im sorry, miss, but your baby-"   "NO!" I bollowed, twisting and turning in my bed. my baby. my little baby. "NO!" I shouted again, feeling the pain all over my body, but i didnt care. "you need to calm do-"  I tried to sit up, but they kept pushing me down, "my baby!" I cried out, tears running freely down my cheeks, "victoria please calm down, baby, please" Justin said but i barely heard him. He was crying too. Why? he didnt want this baby. He wanted it gone, and now it is. He didnt want it, why is he crying? " we need help in here!" someone shouted, "my baby" I cried, wanting to get away, away from everyone and the pain. I felt a sharp sting in my arm. "no" My voice was weaker and I felt my body betraying me. Everything got blurry and foggy, and i lost sight over everything, giving in to the dark.



I woke up again, my eyelids didnt feel as heavy this time. I felt exhausted though, like my whole body had been drained from all energy. Things were foggy, but everything came back to me. Justin, the baby, everything. Tears ran down my cheeks, but i was too tried to dry them away. Justin was in the room still. I felt angry, but at the same time, i was too tried to feel angry, so it all just felt so..nothing. "victoria" He said quietly and came to my side as he saw i was awake again. "you scared the hell out of me. dont ever do that again" He said and i just looked at him, a small frown on my face.


The door opened, and the doctor came in. He smiled small. "glad to see you awake, Victoria. How are you feeling?" He asked and stood by the end of the bed. I shrugged, and it hurt. "do you remember what happened?" He asked and i nodded once, the horrible memories coming back again. "thats good. When you feel ready, a police officer will come by to take your statment of what happened"He informed me and i nodded once again, "you have a concussion you need to be carefull with. You´ll get medication for the pain, but no watching tv, computer or anything like that until your next checkup, you have to stay away from stress, avoid very bright light, and no exercising" He said. So basically, have no life then? "you have a broken rib as well, but besides from that, there is no further damage. Your body is badly bruised, but they will fade" He smiled small, then looked serious again, "you will also have to take a pill each day for your miscarrige, one pill a day for five days. A nurse will come by later with more information. All you need for now is to rest a lot" He smiled again and i gulped, nodding. "can i be alone now?"I asked quielty. "ofcourse" He smiled and walked out. Justin held my hand still, "alone" I repeated. His brows creased, "victo-"


"I said i wanted to be alone" I said louder, "but-" I cut him off, "just go. I want to be alone" I said, feeling tired again. I moved so I was laying on my side, my back facing him. It hurt like hell to move though. I heard him sigh, "okay. i´ll come back in soon. I love you" He said and kissed my cheek. I didnt respond, and heard him walk out.


I was so confused right now. All of this emotions. I was exhausted. was i supposed to be mad at justin? angry for the things he said? He´s still here though. Or is he just here because the baby is gone? Would he be here by my side if the baby was still here? in a matter of 24 hours, i´ve managed to know that im pregnant, then loose my future child. I found out i was pregnant for sure this morning, and now..its gone. I was so sad, but i couldnt cry anymore. I was so confused, feeling too many emotions at once. I need to sleep, then maybe eat a little even though i have no appetite, then talk to justin. Or maybe I can talk to justin later. Im afraid that we´ll talk, and thats it. no more. Im scared.


my mom came in after about half an hour. She cried, a lot, then she talked to me about my baby. She didnt say much, just that I had her and so many people around me who would help me get through it, and that she loved me. She told me that the media hasnt found out about me being in hospital and what happened to me, and that it would stay that way. No one would find out, so i didnt have to worry about dealing with the press. Then she told me about justin, that he and kenny was the ones who found me. She said he didnt leave my side, that it was so clear to her how much he loved me. How much he cared for me. mom said that my dad was on his way, and would be here within an hour. I told her i love her, but i wanted to be alone again. She understood and did as i asked, and i fell asleep again.






When I woke up the next day, I was feeling a bit better only because they let me have a shower, and my mom and brought some clothes for me. The hot water felt good on my sore body, even though it hurt still. My head was worst though, it was just pain all over and my black eye were still swollen, making it hard to see sometimes. I looked hidious.The doctor said the swelling would go down soon though. I had put on the sweats and the hoodie mom brought, it was way better than the hospitalgown. I managed to sit in my bed to eat too. "I want to see her!" hushed voices came from outside the door, "I dont know if thats a good idea, she sti-" " I dont care I need to see her" The door came open and Justin came in, closing it quietly behind him, looking at me. He made his was over to my side, and sat down in the chair there.


"how are you feeling, sweetie?" He asked and i just shrugged. I didnt know what to say to him. He looked down then at me again. " I.." He sighed as in defet, "alot of people are here to see you" He smiled small, "demi is here" He said. Demi ended up being my bestfriend this last year. He sighed when i still didnt answer. "Im..Im really sorry about our baby-" I got angry, "why? you didnt want it, remember? you should be happy" I sneered at him. He winced at my harsh words, "no, it wasnt like that, i-" I cut him off, "you what? you suddently want it now that is gone? or are you only here because its gone, huh?" I said, feeling my eyes well up again, "thats not fair, you know i lov-" "do you?" I interupted him. He looked shocked, "ofcourse i love you! I was shocked, okay? I never in the world expected you to be pregnant, we were always careful! I was shocked, and i was scared, and i was a coward." He said,  "I many things wrong..what i was was just horrible and i regret everything i said to you. I just..I was, i just regret it." He said defeted, tears in his eyes.  I didnt answer him, i just stared at him with a hard look in my eyes.He exhailed a ragged breath and sat down in the chair next to my bed, dragging his hand down his face,


"i.."He sighed and looked at me again, "I disappointed myself" He said forming his words, " I didnt mean it..what i said to you. Please believe me. When you left.. I started to realize what I said, and i..I screwed up. I know i did. After you left, I started thinking, -" He hesitated, taking my hand in both of his, "A baby wouldnt be that bad. I wanted, want, a family with you, and so what if it happened earlier than planned? you know.. And I went out to find you, and though I was scared as hell, I wanted it, with you, you know. Because I love you so much"He finished up and once again I had tears in my eyes.


Tears because I had lost my first baby, tears of exhaustion, tears of pain, anger, sadness, and tears because Justin loves me. "you wanted the baby?" my voice was weak, almost like a whisper. Justin looked at me with wider eyes, a almost pleading look in them, " ofcourse. I want everything with you" He said, kissing my hand. "you hurt me" I said quietly, looking at him. "I know" He looked pained as he said it. "im sorry. im so sorry. I love you so much" He said as a few tears fell from his eyes. "I love you too" I chocked out, feeling just tired and sad. "we´ll get through this, okay? I promise. We´ll get through this. I love you, and we´ll get through this. okay?" He said as he stood, cupping my face withs his warm hands. He rested his forhead on mine and closed his eyes, "we´ll get through this" He repeated in a whisper,sounding determinded.






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america´s sweetheart - part 47

"Justin, shit,  look" Kenny said, looking far forward. I looked confused the same way as his, and followed him as he started running. I saw it, then. A girl was laying at the side of the road. I paled, my whole body in chills. "shit" I cursed and ran fasted with Kenny towards her. She looked lifeless. Her brown hair was.."VICTORIA!"





I ran as fast as I could. My heart was pounding against my chest. "Victoria!" Kennys´s panicked voice pierced through me, but i could only focuse on her. I ran and crouched down besides her, my hands hovering over her, afraid to touch her. She was unconsious, her eyes closed. I paled, my hands were shaking. "Justin!" I heard the voice, but i couldt drag my eyes off her face. "Justin!" I snapped my head up and met Kennys desperate eyes. "call an ambulanse!" He ordered and started checking her. I blinked several times, finally coming out of my shock. I got my phone and called, shouting everything. I looked around, tears clouded my vision. It was only us here. Shit. Kenny was shouting things, but i couldnt hear the words, only his voice. I was out of it, Victoria was..what happened? I blinked again, looking down at her and for the first time noticing her state.


She was beaten. Her left eye were swollen, it was already brusing. She had blood running from her busted lip, bruises around her neck, shaped as a fingergrip. Her arms blue and yellow, scrapes and cuts. Her clothes wrinkled. "Victoria!" I couldnt even reconginze my own voice. It was desperate, shaken, hoarse and filled with crying. i was crying, but i didnt even notice. "Victoria wake up sweetie" I said, laying my hand on her cheek, but pulled it to me again as i felt how cold she was. "where the fuck is the ambulanse!?" I hissed. "Justin, you need to calm dow-" I cut him off, "dont! dont tell me to fucking calm down! Shes..-" My voice broke, "Victoria" I whimpered  and grabbed her bloody hand. Who did this to her? "Justin, she´s alive, okay? Focus on that. shes alive. She´ll be alright" Kenny tried to sooth me. I was almost choking my tears, i tried to be strong, but when the love of your life is laying lifeless and beaten up right infront of you, it feels like you´re trying to lift the world on your shoulders. "this is my fault" I cried, another sob breaking through, "if i hadnt yelled..if i hadnt said all the things, she wouldnt" i sobbed, "she wouldnt have gone out alone" I heard the sirenes coming closer.


I grabbed her hand. "stay with me,please" I whispered through my tears, "you´re going to be okay, i promise. dont leave me. Dont leave me." I kissed her hand, hoping to feel her squeezing it, even just a tiny bit, but nothing happened. "dont leave me" I repeated. "Im so sorry. So sorry. Dont leave me" I said again and again. "i love you, dont leave me" I croaked, "i love you i love you i love you" I whispered. "Justin, the ambulanse is here. you need to let them get to her" Kenny placed a hand on my shoulder. I looked up, noticing the ambulanse and the parametics. I nodded slowly, getting up but still holding her hand. The parametics rushed to her right away as Kenny grabbed my arm, dragging me away from her, despite my protest. "oh my god" I said, wanting to get to her again, but kenny held me back, "Justin, no. you need to let them to their job, okay? so she can be okay again" He said and i absently nodded. " Justin" Kenny said firmly and placed his hands on my shoulders, making me look at him. He looked straight at me, and first then i noticed that he, too, had been crying. "She´s going to be okay. you hear me? She´ll be alright" He said and i nodded, wanting to believe him more than anything.


"We need to take her to the hospital, now" one of the parametics said loudly and my head snapped to Victoria again. She was laying on the hospitalbed, her eyes still closed, but now she looked worse, more bruises. Her neck was in a headrest, and a sob brought through as i saw it. "im coming with!" I said determinded. The man stopped me, "sorry, sir. We have to go now. We need to-" I cut him off, "Im coming with!" I shouted. Kenny grabbed my arm again, "justin, we can drive. Let them fix her. come on" Kenny said and dragged me with him. "no!"I bollowed, "you dont understand! I cant leave her! she pregnant, i cant leave her!" I shouted crying. The doctor looked at me shocked, then concerned as he gave a nod. I didnt not that that good. "shes what?" Kenny asked and i turned to him as the ambulanse drove, "she´s pregnant" I said, feeling exhausted. "come on lets go!" I said.




I was sitting in the plain waitingroom at the hospital. Kenny was sitting besides me, patiently while I was not holding it together that well. My head were in my hands. If i only didnt yell at her, if i had just been a man and told her that we would get through it together, held her, kissed her, she wouldnt be here right now. She wouldnt have been beaten or what else happened to her. A new wave of tears came, and i didnt bother to stop them as i knew it was useless.


" How long have you known that she´s pregnant?" Kenny asked carefully. I looked straight ahead, a humoreless smile, "since today" I said, shaking my head, looking down again. "she told me today" I said my voice cracking. "she told me, and i got pissed. I..Kenny, you dont..I..i said so many mean things, i..she ran, and now," I finished, my voice filled with regret. "it´s be okay" Kenny said, "you will be okay, both of you" He inisited. "how do you know, huh? She might even be dead right now, what would we now? no one tells a thing around here" I scoffed, " and if she survives.. i doubt she´ll ever forgive me. Im going to loose her" I said, my voice fainting. "you wont. You two love each other, you´ll be okay. I know it" Kenny said, "you didnt hear the things i said to her, okay?!" I bollowed, "I was..horrible to her. She wont forgive me, and i understand her. I was an ass, i dont deserve her" I broke down again, my head in  my hands. "you´ll be okay" Kenny said quitely, ,"she loves you, justin.  It is as clear as day" He said and i breathed out heavily. "can you know, tell anyone about her being pregnant? Just for now" I asked, "I know everyone will freak out and stuff, and i..she dont need that now." I said and Kenny hesitated but nodded. "i wont" He said.



"what´s going on? justin?" I looked up and saw Kath rushing towards me and i got up, meeting her hug as she cried. As Kath cried, I started crying again. "whats going on? i dont .. what happened?" She cried, pulling away from me. "i..i dont know" I said quietly. "i dont know" I repeated as i sat down again. I heard quick footsteps and looked up to see two doctors running past us and into the hall where i knew they had Victoria. I paled. "where´s Fred?" I asked, hearing how tired and hoarse my voice was. "business trip" She said quietly, "He´s coming as soon as he can" she added softly, her concern for Victoria was clear in her face. "who could have done this to her" She whispered and cried again. I swallowed the lump in my throath, closing my eyes. God i love her so much. Please be okay. please.


"family of Victoria Francis?" I got up within a second as the Doctor spoke. So did Kath and Kenny too. "thats us" Kath said worridly, clutching her hands. He nodded once, "Whats going on? " I asked, my heart beating rapidly.








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america´s sweetheart - part 46

justin had his arm around my shoulder and i had mine around his waist, leaning my head on his arm as we walked through the incredibely beautiful thing we didnt know the name of. "Its times like this i like the most" I said. "just you and me" I smiled, looking up at him. He smiled down at me, "yeah" He agreed.





The tears were running freely down my cheeks. I was sobbing, and the tears wouldnt stop coming. I was running, i had to get away. I tripped over my shoe and fell forward, scraping my knees. I cried out, it hurt, but i got up and kept running. It didnt take too long until i reached it, my secret place here in LA. I sat down, pulled my knees up to my chest and laid my head on top of them, crying freely. It just hurt, everything.


It started about a week ago. I had been feeling really tired and emotinal, and one morning i threw up. I brushed it off as the flu, but when I didnt get my period... A lot of thoughts were running through my head, and i didnt know how to deal with them. I told Justin and everyone I was sick so i could spend some time by myself, to figure things out. Justin started to notice something wasnt right first, ofcourse. He noticed my downside mood, how unfocused I was, stuff like that. He confronted me about a couple of times, but it wasnt until today I gave in and told him. "i´m pregnant", I said to him.


I always thought that I would get pregnant when I was at least 30, maybe not even then yet. And here I am, twenty, almost twenty one years old, pregnant with my first child, and the baby daddy will probably leave him. At least it seemed like it when I told him. Justin was mad. He was so mad. Shocked first, then mad. Pissed, even. he yelled, a lot, then blamed me. News flash,justin, it takes two to tango. He told me this would ruin his career, that his fans would leave him, that i did this on purpose. I yelled back through my tears, and then I ran. I know i know, i shouldve stayed and talked with him, but the things he said was so hurtful, i couldnt stay. So here i am, sitting alone at night at my secret place, crying my heart out.


I know getting a baby is not the ideal thing for me, or justin, at the moment, but there is no way im getting rid of it. What am i supposed to do? I shook my head and looked up at the shining stars, the tears still running. I looked down at my belly, finding it hard to imagine that there is a baby growing inside of me. Im going to be a mom. I smiled a bit. The thought didnt seem half bad. Sure, im young, and sure, justin might not be next to me through it, but i can do it. right? I started cyring again. I want justin, i love him more than anything, but he hurt me so bad tonight. I never thought he would react the way he did, so mean and..angry. I know he´s shocked, but so am i. I want this baby, with or without him. I dont need him. Who am i kidding..


Everything just hurt at the moment. I was exhausted, my head was spinning, my eyes were swollen, my hands numb. I made up my mind. Im keeping this baby. I will give it everything he or she needs. I can hide again? Raise the baby without the media on my back? I shook myself out of it. I cant do that. I sighed and dried my eyes, not that it helped. Why does it feel like me and Justin are over?





Where the hell is she? I growled as I called Kath. "Justin, hello sweetie" Her kind voice spoke, "hey, uh, is there any chance that Victoria is there?" I asked, closing my eyes tight in hope that she would say yes. "uh, no, she´s not" She replied confsued, "okay" I sighed frustrated, "do you know where she can be?" I asked. "Im not sure. why? is everthing alright?" She asked concerned, "yeah, yeah. She´s not answering her phone, so uh.."I trailed off, not wanting to worry her. "oh, okay then. I´ll give you a call if she makes a noise" I heard her smile. "thanks. bye" I hung up qucikly. I have called everyone who knows Victoria, asking where she is, but no one knows. I was frustrated, angry, concerned, i was feeling so many emotions all at once. Where can she be then?


Im angry she just ran out on me like that. We sure as hell has stuff to talk about. I was horrible against her, though. The things I said..I cant believe myself. i was just so..angry. I was thinking about everything else than I should, how my fans would react, how this would affect my career, how my mom would react. But no once did I stop and looked at Victoria, how she felt. I had noticed her change of mood lately. She was unfocused, deep in thought all the time. The thought that she could be pregnant didnt even pass my mind. It was a shock, and i reacted the wrong way. I reacted in a horrible way, and now i cant even find her. Shes good at hidning.


Kenny was with me as we walked outside, looking for her. I just told him that we had a fight and now i couldnt find her, and he was more than happy to help me look for her.  " We´ll find her, justin" Kenny said to me. I didnt answer, at this point, i wasnt so sure. It was late now too, and if she was outside by was not safe at all. I was worried as hell, not only for her, but for our baby too. She pregnant. Im going to be a dad. The thought was so distant, it was hard to believe. I alwasy pictured having a family with Victoria, and i always liked that idea. And now it´s reality, we´re going to be parents. A small smile formed on my lips. A little baby me or a little baby victoria. We can make it work, right?


"Justin, shit,  look" Kenny said, looking far forward. I looked confused the same way as his, and followed him as he started running. I saw it, then. A girl was laying at the side of the road. I paled, my whole body in chills. "shit" I cursed and ran fasted with Kenny towards her. She looked lifeless. Her brown hair was.."VICTORIA!"






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america´s sweetheart - part 45

She wasnt jealous of Victoria for having Justin as her boyfriend, she was more jealous of what they had together, she wanted that. A relationship like theirs, that would be perfect. She liked the way they mixed their relationship and their privatelives. They are not afraid to show us that they are together, but at the same time they dont flaunt around, trying to prove something. They are doing their own thing. They get seen together, post pictures together, but at the same time they keep it private, if you get it.



JUSTINS POV  next day.


I am feeling a lot better already, and thats a lot thanks to victoria. It was so nice to just be with her and hold her again, knowing she was right there with me, for me. And I felt like she really listened to me when I ranted, and I felt like she really understood. Of course she understood, she has dealt with this plently of times before, but still. She made me feel better. Well, just seeing her made me feel better, but still. We were sitting on the floor actually, she was telling me about her tumblr, and she showed me some of the fan-dedicated tumblrs to me on her MAC. I got to read some of the textsposts about me from my fans, and it really moved me, actually. I was wearing a hoodie with the hoodie over my head, and Victoria was in relaxed clothes as well. "when do you have to go back?" I murmured, not wanting her to go at all. "mm, i dont know. How long until you leave?" She asked, sitting with her feet crossed, "We can leave home together" I said, determinded about it. "okay" She smiled, pecking my lips. "hey" I said, getting her attention again. "hm?"she asked, "wanna go on a date tonight?"I asked her and she blushed. I was suprised over that, "i would love to" She smiled wide, then frowned, " I didnt bring a dress or anything though" She said and i chuckled, "that doesnt matter" I said honestly.


Victorias pov.


It has been a while since Justin and I went out on a date, not just our moviedates, so i was really looking forward to it. Im expecting it to be a casual date, nothing too serious, but i know it will be romantic, simply because justin is a romantic guy.


"I thought you said you didnt bring any pretty clothes. You look gorgeous" Justin said as I came out of the bedroom where i had changed. A wide smile crept on my lips, "thank you" I giggled, kissing him hard. He grinned charmingly and grabbed my hand, linking our fingers together. Aiden was waiting down the hall, with one of justins body guards. They greeted us shortly and we followed them. We got away from the hotel by taking the underground parking, way out by car. They had sent a different car, the one justin arrived here in, ten minutes eariler, so people would think we were in that one. smart, huh? So we took another car, driving to whatever justin had planned.


It was so peacefull. No one followed us, so it was just justin and me, walking around on the outside of Atlanta. We went out to eat eariler, and now we were just enjoying being with each other. Justins hand were linked with mine firmly and i could feel the familiar happy feeling i always had around him. Justin makes me one houndred prosent happy, and i can only hope i do the same thing for him. "I should not have worn heels" I muttered as my feet started to ache a bit. Justin smirked, "Im taller than you even when you´re in heels" He said and i rolled my eyes, "no shit. You´re tall and im short" I said and he laughed, "come on" He said, turning his back to me. I looked at him confused, "jump on!" He grinned and a smile formed, and i jumped on his back. He held my feet and I had my arms around his neck has he gave me a piggybackride.  "where are we going?" I asked as Justin walked. " I want to show you this place" He mumbled, " a friend of mine showed it to me last time i was here" He added and i just nodded. "i bet you´re actually struggeling a lot right now" I smirked, "no babe" He chuckled, "I bet you are" I grinned, kissing his cheek. " youre underestimating me. Im strong" He smirked. "anyways, i like carrying you" He shrugged and i smiled to myself. "what if i get so fat you cant carry me?" I asked. Justin laughed. "then i can just get as fat, and we can roll around together" He said and i bit my lip so i wouldnt smile too wide as my heart fluttered.


"here we are" He said and put me down, taking my hand again. My eyes were wide as i gazed at the sight infront of me. It was beautiful. "wow" I whispered, "what is this place?" I asked and justin shrugged.


justin had his arm around my shoulder and i had mine around his waist, leaning my head on his arm as we walked through the incredibely beautiful thing we didnt know the name of. "Its times like this i like the most" I said. "just you and me" I smiled, looking up at him. He smiled down at me, "yeah" He agreed.





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america´s sweetheart - part 44

" Im sure everyone is at the roof waiting for it now! Im sure it will be great" Jimmi grinned at me and i chuckled, "what about movies? are you going to do a movie again, or are you sticking with just music this time?" He asked,


"I would love to do a movie again, but not now. At a movieset is where i feel home, so acting i will most definitly do again" I smiled.



justins pov.


I shook my head angrily and put my head in my hands. Here we go again. This is the third stupid shitty rumor this week, and everyone are judging me. I breathed out heavily and stared at nothing, sitting in my hotelroom. Sometimes it all just become too much for me. This whole week has been horrible, to be honest. I am currently in  Atlanta, and the paparazzi here are always awful. They get all up in my face, wont let me have my space, shout out rude and disrespectful things, and they follow me everywhere. At least other places they have some respect, but not here. I was out with some friends clubbing some days ago, and guess what the headlines was the day after. I just dont get it sometimes, why they do everything they can trying to bring me down. Create ridicilous rumors, i dont even know how they come up with it, trying to get me fired up.


Today is just one of those shitty days. I´m upset, missing my family, my mom, my girlfriend and some private time. I havent seen Victoria for almost two months, this job things took longer than it was supposed to. I had some days off and was planning on seeing Victoria again, but when I had days off, she was leaving for some interviews about her new album and stuff, so it didnt work out. So now im sad, angry, and frustrated. Things get too much sometimes.





I frowned as I scrolled through tumblr, seeing all the photos of Justin in Atlanta, looking angry and sad. I know he has had a shitty week, I talked to him on the phone yesterday. But these pictures made me sad. He looked so sad and tired, and it made me miss him even more. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. He probably just wants to be alone now, right? all i want to do is to give him a big hug and resure him that i love him, his fans love him.


- victoria get your ass to atlanta and make your boyfriend smile again!!

- victoria really needs to visit justin now


I bit my lip, I really want to, but then I have studio and the album and...Ah what the hell. I picked up my phone and called Lynn, asking her. Im not used to being away from justin for so long, i really miss him.




We, Aiden and I, made it unnoticed through LAX and on our way to Atlanta. No one knew I was going, and it was staying this way. I had texted Justin a simple message, "hey babe, im on my way:)" , but since I was on the plane I havent noticed if he has responded or not. Anyways. I was outside his hotel, waiting for Aiden to come back and get me. Some paparazzi were waiting outside the entrance (really?!) so it wouldnt be a good idea to get in that way. I saw Aiden through the tinted carwindows, walking through the paparazzi, a scowl on his face. He sat back in the car, "we´re driving through the block once, then we´re going in through the underground basement" He said and i nodded as the car drove again.


It was late when I arrived, about 1am and I was tired. I was walking through the hallway to get to Justins room. Aiden told me that he would stay in his rented room, just a few rooms over.  I had gotten the key for his room, so I opened it quietly and walked in,closing the door behind me. "Justin?" I called out when I couldnt see him. "Justin-" I stopped when I saw him coming out from a room, he stopped walking, looking very confused as he saw me, "hey" I said quietly. He looked like shit, to be honest. His hair was a mess, his eyes were tired. "what- what are you doing here?"He asked and came quicily over to me, wrapping his arms aorund me tightly. I closed my eyes, feeling his desperation, almost. I breathed in and frowned when I smelled liquor. I pulled back slightly, "have you been drinking?" I asked and took a good look at his face. His eyes were unfocused and slightly red. Damnitt. "only a little" He said, his speach slurred a bit. I pursed my lips and hugged him again, "you´re drunk" I stated. Justin laughed, "why yes, yes i am" He chuckled, "and you´re here. Why?" He asked, kissing my shoulder while hugging me still. "I sent you a text. I knew you had a lot going on and I wanted to be here with you" I said quietly.


Justin slowly pulled away, a angry frown on his face, " those fucking paparazzi!" He hissed, suddently pissed again. Oh no. He started pacing, " why cant they leave me alone?!" He shouted,glaring at whatever , " I hate this! I hate this life. I came here to make music, not..This! I hate it!" He spat. "Justin-" I tried but he didnt hear me, "I mean, so what if I go to clubs? so what if i drink sometimes? so fucking what if i like driving fast! Does that make me a bad person? no!" He shouted angrily, gripping his hair in frustration. I´ve never seen him this angry, and i dont know if he really is this angry, or if it is the alcohol talking, and it kind of scares me a bit. "Justin!" I said louder and he finally stopped his pacing and shouting and looked at me like he was lost. I could see the frustration and sadness in his eyes, and it made my heart ache. I wrapped my arms around his waist and looked up at him, "let´s go to bed, huh?" I said calmly, "It´s late. We should sleep, then we can talk tomorrow?" I suggested. "you´re here tomorrow?" He asked, looking confused again. I laughed a bit and nodded, "yes. lets go to bed" I said, pulling him with me to the bedroom. He plumped down on the bed with all his clothes on and closed his eyes. I smiled to myself and undressed, pulling on a random shirt of Justins.


I laid down in the bed and Justin turned on his side, facing me. He looked more tired now. "I´m glad you´re here" he murmured as I stroke his cheek with the back of my hand. "shh. sleep now" I smiled and kissed his forhead. "´re here.i dont wanna sleep"He said, his eyebrows pulled together. "Im here tomorrow too, remember?" I smiled and he nodded. "you´re working on your album" He said, a small frown on his face. I nodded. He breathed out and i could smell the alcohol in his breath. He laid there and just stared at me for a while, "what?" I asked, a wide smile forming, "you´re beautiful" He said with a small shrug. I laughed quietly, "and youre drunk" I said with an eyebrow raise. "yes, im drunk. And you´re beautiful. And tomorrow morning, I´ll be sober and you´ll still be beautiful" He said and i found myself blushing. I kissed his mouth lighly and moved closer to him, despise his strong smell, "sleep now. goodnight" I said. "i love you" He said silently, "i love you too, justin" I smiled to myself,



I woke up earlier than Justin. I was tangled with him, our legs intertwined and he had a strong grip around me. I smiled sadly, looking at him. Justin looks so much more younger when he sleeps. His face all relaxed, his hair a mess and his full lips slightly parted. I could tell his eyes were a bit swollen, and i winced as i had a feeling he would have a bad hangover when he wakes up. With that thought in mind, i got out of bed, wearing justins shirt and walked to the kitchen, trying to find some paracetamol. I found some, and poured a glass of water, and walked with it back to the bedroom and put it on the bedside table. Kissing his forhead, I walked back out of the room to make some breakfast.


I heard footsteps about an hour later. I was watching TV, so I turned in my seat and looked up. Justin came, wearing only his pair of jeans from last night, and without his shirt. Well hot damn. I swallowed and got up as he saw me. He didnt smile, he just wrapped his arms around me like last night, holding me close to him. I rested my head on his strong chest and wrapped my arms around his waist. "are you hungry?" I asked after some moments, still holding him. "no" He mumbled, hugging me tighter. "wanna take a shower then? You stink" I joked, hoping to lift his mood a little. He breathed a laugh, "if you join me" He mumbled, "sure" I smiled, kissing his chest.I was about to go to the bathroom, but he pulled me back to me, kissing me hard



It seemed like Justin just needed someone to hold, because still in the shower he wouldnt let go of me. He just held me to him,the warm water hitting both of us. I felt Justin kissing my head, making me smile small. It´s hard to know how to deal with everything. I know how Justin is feeling, the frustration, the anger, every emotion his feeling right now. The focus, from even his fans, has been on the negative, the rumors, and sometimes, he´ll need to be assured that i love him, that his fans love him, his family love him. When the people who means the most to you, the people who stands you closest, focus on the negative and not on the good, you will get insecure and sometimes just hear that you´re loved. " I love you" He whispered. I smiled, "i love you too. so much" I said and looked up at him. His hair was plastered to his forhead, and his eyes were still sad. I smiled sadly and leaned up kissing him lightly.



"I just..It´s been some crappy bad days lately" Justin murmured. We were sitting newly showered on the couch. "I know" I said, "All the rumors..i mean, i know they are a part of this job and stuff, but seriously? lately all of the focus for everyone has been on all of the bullshit. Even my fans! its just..frustrating to feel like, it doesnt matter how many good things i do, because right at the moment i make a mistake, im suddently a bad person and role model and everything" He sighed and rubbed his forhead. "It´s just hard to stay positive and ignore everything sometimes" He added quietly. " I think you´re handeling it well" I said honestly, " you think getting drunk is handeling it well?" He snorted, "at least you stayed here, right? you could have gone out, but you didnt, and that is handeling it well. You dont lash out on people, you dont blame anyone, and somehow you always find a way out of it" I said, running my fingers through his damp hair. "you´s easy to see the negative stuff when others point it out" I added softly. "what about you then? you have not once lashed out on, well, anyone in your entireer career. you are known for always being happy, how do you do it?" He murmured. I smiled softly, " I didnt know anything else. I grew up with it. They told me to never respond to it, just smile and keep walking. So i did" I shrugged. " what did you do then?" He asked, "sometimes it all got too much, and i broke down" I said, " by yourself?" He frowned. "it doesnt matter now. my point is that you´re not afraid to let them know that you get hurt too. you have feelings, you´re human, and it´s important that they realize this" I said. "you just have to know that your fans love you, your family loves you, your friends loves you, your crew loves you, and i love you. more than anything. okay?" I smiled and he gave me a slight smile back, nodding. "I love you too" He whispered. " im just frustrated about why it is this way" He sighed, "I think that people forget about your humanity when you´re famous" I said and he sighed again, nodded, "yeah.."He said, his voice raspy.



"thank you for coming, by the way" He said and played with my hand. I grinned, "your fans told me to" I shrugged and he chuckled. "really?" He smiled wider, obviously happy that his fans are starting to accept him being in a relationship. I looked at Justin and he opened his mouth as he was about to say something, but then closed it again. He looked away from me, "what?" I frowned and he shook his head slightly. "whats wrong?" I asked and he looked at me again, and I saw his teary eyes. My heart melted. He smiled embarressly and looked down, then at me again. "just.."He breathed out, obviously trying to compose himself. A small tear ran down his cheek but he quickly dried it away with his hand. " it´s been a rough couple of weeks with a lot of emotions and" He breathed out again. I smiled small, leaning up and kissing him softly, "It´s okay" I said quietly. He laughed humorlessly, "so you dont think im a wimp for crying?" He asked, probably joking, but not really. "no way" I frowned, "i think men whos not afraid to cry are sexy" I smirked and he laughed again, "sexy, eh? I can be that"He smirked back, leaning closer, "I know you can. everyone knows you can be sexy" I said. I mean..have you seen his fans tweets? I think there is a mutal agreement that justin is really really sexy. and cute. Justin chuckled before finally pressing his lips to mine.






Photos of Justin and Victoria walking hand in hand were all over, well, everything online. A fan sat behind her computer screen, smiling at the photos she saw. She knew it. Or, she hoped it. She hoped that Victoria would visit Justin and lift up his mood. It was no secret that Justin has had a rough few weeks lately, his mood has been down, and he had also been away from his family, friends, and victoria for a long time, so she was glad Victoria was able to make Justin smile again. Every hater of their relationship should look at the photos of them together from today, then the photos of Justin just yesterday, and see how happy she makes him, she thought. Justin was smiling big with her, holding her hand, as was victoria. Why is it so hard for the haters to see how happy they are together? Saying she is a famewhore makes absolutely no sense, she is victoria francis after all. But oh well. Haters gonna hate, right? She was happy though, Justin was happy again so why wouldnt she be?  As she looked at the photos once more, she saw one of them kissing, both of them smiling into the kiss, and it made her wish she had what they had. She wasnt jealous of Victoria for having Justin as her boyfriend, she was more jealous of what they had together, she wanted that. A relationship like theirs, that would be perfect. She liked the way they mixed their relationship and their privatelives. They are not afraid to show us that they are together, but at the same time they dont flaunt around, trying to prove something. They are doing their own thing. They get seen together, post pictures together, but at the same time they keep it private, if you get it.











America´s sweetheart er snart ferdig, så jeg har bare noen spørsmål!  Hvis det er noe spessielt dere vil skal skje i historien før jeg avslutter den, så si fra fort så skal jeg få det med. Jeg sitter fast med historien nå, så da avslutter jeg den, og redigerer den når jeg har tid om en stund. Så hvis der er noe du savner, fort deg å si det :)


Også, ny historie! Jeg har en ide som jeg like veldig godt, men jeg er usikker på hva dere vil tenke om den.


Jeg tenker at det blir liksom sesong to av America´s sweetheart, bare at den ikke vil handle on Victoria og Justin, men om sønnen deres! Så liksom at i de første delene får vi se at victoria og justin gifter seg og får en sønn, og så følger vi han når han begynner på College, der han møter noen interessange folk. Justin og Victoria vil være med i historien, bare at kjærlighets-linja og fokuse vil være på sønnen deres. Hva tenker dere om det? Jeg har mange ideer som jeg tror kommer til å bli kjempe bra! dere er kanskje litt skeptiske siden det ikke handler om justin direkte, men jeg tror virkelig at den blir bra uansett :-)


Jeg skal skrive et kort "summary" av den snart, så dere kanskje skjønner hva jeg mener litt bedre, er dårlig på å forklare. Men si hva dere tenker om det! :)

america´s sweetheart - part 43

How in the world did little me end up with someone like him? Whatever i did, i wont question it because im at the happiest I´ve ever been in my life right now. " my family likes you" Justin murmured as his fingers ran through my hair. I LOVE when someone plays with my hair, i could hire someone to do it. "They´re really nice. I like them too" I said with a small smile. He chuckled, "its the biebercharm"He smirked. "im sure it is" I grinned.


Justin and I came back from Canada about a week ago, and five days ago he left because for the next month or so he has a lot of interviews, tvshows and performances scheduled. So I probably wont see him for a month or longer, but we both know that at some point we would have to be apart of a longer part of time.  I´ve actually been spending my days in the studio these last days, much to Lynns pleasoure. I have been working on some of my songs, playing them for her and just been working on them.

I was walking towards the studio with my bodyguard as normal, and the paparazzi were annoying today. Scratch that, they were just rude. I dont know why they bother with throwing mean comments. "Victoria your jeans are hidious!" A paparazzi from my left shouted. I laughed, "so is your face but at least i can change mine" I said without looking in his direction. i heard some snickers around from the others, but I ignored them for the rest of the short way and walked into the studio.


Lynn was there, and to my suprise, so was Demi. I stept in hesitantly, "sorry, did i get the time wrong again?" I grimazed, knowing that was something I could easily do. Demi and Lynn laughed, "no sweetie, i forgot to tell you that demi was here as well" Lynn smiled and i nodded, "alright, cool" I grinned still  a bit suprised, "maybe you can help me with my song! I was planning on posting it on youtube but its not right yet" I suggested and demi nodded, "that sounds awesome, i would love to" She smiled her wide smile. Man, she´s even more gorgeous in realtiy!  "you´re posting a song?  a new one?!" Lynn said exitidely. "I´ve been waiting for you to do that for so long now. What song?" She asked grinning. "uncover" I smiled "i havent heard it" She frowned, "no, but you will now"I chuckled. 


I sang through the song once, and Lynn told me to do whatever i wanted with it, because, in her words, it was perfect so it didnt matter as long as i posted it. Lynn went out for a meeting, so it was only me, demi and the sound/music technuiqes in the studio. Demi and I sat by the small coffeetable, going through the song. "what if you go like; thats when we uncover, cover, and at the last one, cover, you go more up instead of lower?" Demi suggested, singing it like she said. I nodded, "i think that will work nicely" I smiled. Demi told me that she had the studio the hours after me, but when she heard that i was gonna be here before her, she begged her manager to get her to stay here, if it was okay with me, because she was exited to hear my new stuff and..stuff. I didnt mind, Demi is so nice and funny, and its really nice to feel like i have a friend.


"by the way" Demi said, her eyes big and a huge smile, "I was on twitter some days ago, and you know, was just reading around, and i saw the video of you and justin singing" She said exited, "and..oh my god, it was sick! seriously, your voices sound so good together. it was beautiful" She said and i flushed, "thank you. The video wasnt ment to be online but its cool i guess" I chuckled, "and the way he was looking at you were so cute! you have him wrapped around your little finger" She smirked and i laughed, "i dont know, but thanks. " I smiled, "we should meet up sometime. you, justin, me and nick or something" She smiled and i nodded, "nick jonas?" I asked and she nodded, "my best friend" She smile fondly, "well, justin is away for a while now though, but we´ll figure something out" I smiled and she nodded.




@Victoriafrancis: I was in the studio today and recorded a new song of mine
@VictoriaFrancis: it´s call Uncover, let me know what you think!



" It´s beautiful, Vic" Lynn complimented me, "you like it then?" I smirked, walking to my kitchen talking to Lynn on the phone. "i love it. Have you thought more about a album?" She asked and i was quiet for some seconds, "I dont know. Cant i just produce and record some songs and release them as singles or whatever?" I asked, "Then you might as well do an album, Victoria" Lynn said more seriously. I sighed, "I dont have to do make up my mind about a tour yet, do i?" I asked, "no, you dont. Album first, then we´ll decided the rest" She said and i nodded, "and you have the songs for the album. Only thing left is to record and produce them" She pointed out. True. "I know. Okay, I´ll do the album" I said and heard Lynn squeal, "yess!" She said and i laughed at her, "Im over happy about this Vic, you have no idea. You´re gonna kill the charts with this, i know it." She said and i chuckled, "sure sure" I rolled my eyes playfully.



Few days later.


"you and your mother has a close relationship, right? You spend a lot of time together" Jimmi Kimmel said under the interview.


"yes" I nodded,


"what part does she have in your, well, fame life?"He asked,


"My mom has played a huge role in it all, same with my dad actually. My mom has told me repeatidly from the very beginning, that in this business you´re gonna be said said yes to, things you shouldnt be yes to. you know, like, yes you´re perfect, yes you´re this, yes your´re that. And my mom is there to tell me no. She´s there to tell me, no you´re not perfect, no you´re gonna do this. And the moment I see you ever change the person you were, You´re finished here" I said, remembering all the times she has said that to me. The audience clapped, praising my mom and her words. I smiled, agreeing with them completely.


"Kath Francis. Pareting; you´re doing it right" Jimmi said making me laugh.


" you posted a new song! you released a new song. What made you decided to do that so suddently?" he asked,


" I´ve had the song finished for a while and I know my fans has been waiting for something new from me for a while" I said with a small shrug,


"speaking of which, are you planning on coming out with something? a movie, music, or?" He asked and i nodded a smile forming,


"I am, Actually" I smiled, "I´m coming out with a new album in not too long" I said and heard gasps around the audience and even Jimmi looked taken back,


"an album? really?"he asked and i nodded, smiling wide,


"yeah!" I chuckled,


"I was not expecting that, to be honest. And this is the first time you´re comfirming it?" He asked ,


"yep. It was decided not too long ago" I replied,


"well, tell us about it! this is exiting. What can we expect from it?" He asked, leaning forward, geniually exited.


" The album will probably answer a lot of the questions about everything" I smiled slightly.


"so you will kind of answer through your music? When will it be out?" He asked curiously.


"yes. And I dont know yet, but a month maybe? something like that, not long" I smiled wider,


"a month? so most of it is ready then?" He asked.


"well, yeah. The songs are songs that I´ve written these past three years, so in that way, they will explain most things" I replied and folded my hands,


"what are the songs about? if you can tell" He snickered,


"pretty much about everything I´ve experienced and felt. They are very detailed, so to be honest Im nervous about releasing it" I said. All of my feelings and everything are in those songs, so releasing it is a big step for me.


" Im sure everyone is at the roof waiting for it now! Im sure it will be great" Jimmi grinned at me and i chuckled, "what about movies? are you going to do a movie again, or are you sticking with just music this time?" He asked,


"I would love to do a movie again, but not now. At a movieset is where i feel home, so acting i will most definitly do again" I smiled.






Jo mer dere kommenterer jo oftere kommer delene :)

america´s sweetheart - part 42

The song finished and i leaned in, kissing her softly once and we heard the applouce around us, "that was so beautiful!" Erin said. "it was, you two should really do a song together" I chuckled, i would love to do a song with Vic. "we will" I smirked and Vic laughed, leaning her head on my shoulder again.





The next day.



"hmm" I mumbled with closed eyes as I heard movements in the room. "morning babe" Justin whispered, planting a light kiss on my cheek. " I´m just heading out with Jazzy and Jaxon. Just sleep" He said quietly. I opened one eye slowly and saw him right infront of me, smiling his beautiful bright smile, making me smile too, "okay. have fun" I said, my voice filled with sleep. Justin chuckled and stroked my hair, "you´re adorable" He mumbled quietly, "I´ll probably be back when you wake up again, lazybum" He grinned and i smiled lazily back at him, still very tired. "i love you" He said, kissing me once, "love you too"I said, breathing in heavily, "laters, baby" He smiled and i found myself falling to sleep again.


The second time i woke up, i got dressed into some warmer clothes. Being in Canada, the weather is colder here than what it is back in LA. I took a picture of my outfit and uploaded it on my tumblr, since i liked it and stuff. Anyways, I walked out of the room and towards the kitchen to get some breakfast. I didnt hear anyone in the house, so i guess everyone else is outside or something. Thats what happens when you sleep in too long.


As i was eating, i scrolled through my twitter and frowned as a video of me and justin singing last night was all over my timeline. I looked at the trends and saw, #somenights #justinandvictoria, trending, so i clicked on them and read some tweets.


@ OMG they HAVE to do a song together, they sound so amazing together seriously
@ That cover was perfect and the way they were looking at eachother was so adorable
@ it would have sounded better if only justin sang it
@ they look so INLOVE, MY FEELINGS
@ you can just see the love they have for eachother, their voices sound so good together


I was still confused, i mean, i know Erin filmed us singing last night, but how did the video end up on twitter and whatnot? I read some more, and quickly found out that Erin had posted the video on facebook, and th video got shared, and somehow it ended up on youtube and now its everywhere. At least they like it. While i dont mind that the video is out there, i do mind that this was a personal moment, Jazzy´s birthday for chirst sake, and the rest of the world dont have anything to do with this. For me im more concerned about how justin will feel about it, seeing as it was a video of his family life, if you get me.


After breakfast I walked outside to the garden, and found everyone there, except from Justin and Jeremy. " I dont know where they are" Erin shrugged with a laugh as I asked about them. I sat next to her and watched Jazzy and Jaxon play. Even though i´ve only been here for two and a half days, I feel abnormally at home. Erin and Jeremy were so welcoming and open, so i didnt even feel awkward sitting with Erin now without Justin. It was a nice feeling. "Victoria?" Jazzy said as she noticed me and sat down infront of me between my legs as she did yesterday, " can you braid my hair again?" She asked and pouted at me, "aw" I cooed at how cute she looked. Erin laughed at me, "she throws that look at Justin as well, can get him to do anything for her" She laughed and i could totally imagine it. " sure cutie" I grinned and she beamed and sat down with her back to me so i could braid her hair. "I can teach you how to braid, if you want?" I offered and she happily agreed.




My dad and I was just hanging around at the small park near their house. I brought a football so I was playing a bit with that as dad sat on the bench there as we talked. "so what do you think of her?" I asked him about Victoria. My dad chuckled, leaning forward, "She´s sweet" he said, "seems to put a smile on your face whatever she does so i guess i cant complain" He smirked at me and i laughed embarressed, "yeah.." I said lamely, " She´s really nice too. seems to get along with most people, even cranky Graig" He grinned and i laughed again, "I saw. I was suprised" I admitted and bounched the ball. "me too" He said, "so you really like her then?" He asked and i chuckled, " I love her" I said and raised a brow at him before looking at the ball again, tricking it. "wow" He said suprised, "I wasnt expecting that. Im happy for you though" He smiled and i grinned, "thank you" I smiled widely, " and not to sound suprior or anything, but she´s quite the catch" he smirked slightly, "i mean, Victoria francis? you know what im talking about, right?" He asked and i nodded, " I know. im lucky" i smirked. I will have to do a pretty good job to keep her though, shes amazing and i have to make sure she knows that.


"can i tell you something and you wont make fun of me?" I said and dad snorted, "sure"He said. " Everythings just different with her, you know? I mean, it was love with Selena too, but with Victoria.. I dont know, everything just seems more...more. More meaningful, you know, like, more real in a way. Everything is different and i kind of love it. a bit scared too though" I admitted, " And before i always felt like i had to hide my relationship but now all i want to do is to show her off to everyone,show everyone what we are and stuff. And shes so normal, and yet so special, you know? like, she´s probably the most famous woman out there, but yet shes so down to earth and still insecure and she just doesnt care and shes just sweet and everything. Its crazy. She like, makes me want to become a better person and i guess thats one of the reasons why i love her as much as i do" I rambled on and looked at my dad once i was done. He was quiet for a second before he laughed and shook his head, "man, you´re whipped" He laughed, "dad! you said you wouldnt make fun if me!" I protested but had to laugh as well. "i know i know, sorry" He laughed still but managed to stop, " so? What do you think?" I asked, "about what you just said?" He asked and i nodded, "you sound like a man in love" He smirked and i rolled my eyes at my dad, " i dont know if you want advice, or?" He asked confused since i didnt really ask him anything i just rambled. "I guess im kind of afraid that i´ll lose her or something" i said quietly.


"Jb, it isnt just victoria who puts a smile on your face, you put a smile on her face too, I´ve seen it. She looks really happy and comfortable with you, so i wouldnt worry about loosing her if i were you. you should just keep doing whatever you´re doing, it seems to work, right? And Victoria doesnt seem like the type of girl who expects you to, i dont know, be perfect or something, so dont worry about it" He shrugged easily, "thanks" I muttered, "so i wont have to buy her that island just yet then?" I joked and he laughed.






"I see you got out of bed eventually" Justins teasingly voice said from behind me. I turned my head and saw him walking over with Jeremy behind him. I grinned, "of course. I´ve been awake for a long time, right jazzy?" I smirked and she nodded, "yep! She braided my hair and taught me how to braid so a long time" She nodded, agreeing with me. "sure sure" Justin smirked, standing behind me, his feet behind my back, I titled my head backwards so i could see him hovering over me. "hi" I said quietly. He chuckled and leaned down, "hello pretty one" He smiled before pressing his lips to mine for some seconds before pulling apart, sitting down next to me. Jazzy looked at me curiously, "so you dont feel sick at all after kissing bieber?" She asked and i bit my tounge from bursting out laughing. " no" I chuckled and heard Erin laugh as well. Jazzy frowned, " I dont get this" She mumbled and poor her, justin must have confused her.



It was later at night the same day and Justin and I was snuggled up together on the couch, watching some random movie. Erin and Jeremy had gone to bed a while ago, and Jazzy and Jaxon were sleeping. cuddeling with justin is seriously one of the most comfortable things i´ve ever done. It´s crazy, he´s seriously the perfect guy. How in the world did little me end up with someone like him? Whatever i did, i wont question it because im at the happiest I´ve ever been in my life right now. " my family likes you" Justin murmured as his fingers ran through my hair. I LOVE when someone plays with my hair, i could hire someone to do it. "They´re really nice. I like them too" I said with a small smile. He chuckled, "its the biebercharm"He smirked. "im sure it is" I grinned.

america´s sweetheart - part 41

"I wanna meet her! fast!"" I mimicked my grandmas voice. Victoria laughed, a sound i love, "sure, I´ll come" She smiled, and this time she moved up so she could kiss me, "What does Jazzy want for her birthday?" She asked and i frowned, "babe, you dont have to get her anything" I said but she just shushed me, " sure i do. I cant just go to her party and not bring a present" She said, "we can just split mine or something" I suggested. "Justin, i want to. so shup up" she grinned and i sighed, giving up. "okay" I agreed, lifting my head and kissed her.







We had arrived in Canada and had just seconds ago parked the car in the driveway of Jeremys and Erins house. Justin was so happy, he had this exited beaming face ever since we drove to the airport way earily this morning. He hadnt seen them in three months or so, so i could understand his exitment. Justin grinned at me as he had stopped the car. Leaning over, he kissed my cheek before opening his door and got out. I did the same and got my bag with Justin from the back of the car. "come on, hurry" Justin grinned as he quickly walked to the frontdoor and opened it, i followed, "Hello? anyone here? your lost son has returned" Justin grinned widely and I closed the door behind me. Then I heard quick footsteps running from somewhere, turning louder and louder then suddently, "BIEBER!" A small voice chirped and I found myself aw´ing when Jazzy flung her arms around her brothers neck. Justin lifted her up and hugged her tightly, "hi princess. did you miss me?" He asked, "yeah, a lot" Jazzy said and Justin kissed her cheek, "I´ve missed you too" He smiled and put her down once he saw Jaxon coming, a wide grin on his adorable face as well. "jaxon" Justin grinned and lifted him aswell.


I didnt really know what to do, because this was such a cute moment between them, so I didnt want to interupt it or anything. "wheres daddy?" Justin asked Jaxon who lifted his shoulder carelessly as a child would. Justin chuckled and put him down, turning to me. "hey guys. Wanna meet my girlfriend i told you about?" He asked and leaned down to their level, and i did the same next to him. Jazzy and Jaxon stared at me, "hello" I smiled, "My name is Victoria" I said, "im jazzy" Jazzy said quietly. Justin told me she would be shy while meeting me, but i would quickly figure that she is far from shy. "So you are the birthday girl, huh?" I said with an exited tone. Jazzy´s eyes lit up, "yes! My daddy said Im getting lots of gifts" She grinned and we chuckled, "really? thats awesome" I grinned. "wanna say hi to victoria, jaxon?" Justin asked, ruffeling his hair. Jaxon was biting on his finger, "hello" He said and he was just too cute, " Hi. I bet you´re looking forward to eating lots of cake and ice cream tomorrow?" I asked with my brows raised and he quickly nodded his tiny head, "aw so cute" I mumbled to myself, but justin heard, "It´s goes within the family" He grinned charmingly and i couldnt even protest, it was true after all.




"son? Justin?" we heard a deeper voice call out, coming closer. Justin and I both got up again, and i smiled as Jazzy grabbed Justins hand and held it. too cute. Jeremy came, a wide grin on his face as Justin and him hugged and exchanged cute father-son greetings. "Dad, this is victoria, my girlfriend" Justin smiled and Jeremy grinned at me, holding out his hand, "Very nice to meet you, Victoria. Justin has told me a lot about you" He smirked at Justin who huffed, I chuckled, "you too, Jeremy" I grinned, "i must admit, it weird seeing you here, dating my son. I remember before he got famous, he had this huge crush on you" Jeremy chuckled and I laughed, smirking at Justin who glared at his father. No doubt Jeremy only told me to embarress him, "not cool dad" Justin said dryly, making me laugh more. "wheres erin?" he asked, "shes working, wont be back until late tonight. You´ll meet her tomorrow" Jeremy smiled at me at the last part. "Im about to make dinner, so Justin, why dont you show Victoria to her room and we´ll meet back in the diningroom for dinner?" Jeremy said  and Justin groaned, "Dad, im not, not gonna share room with Victoria. I told you. We´re staying in the same room" Justin said and Jeremy smirked, "I know, you practically begged me. Im just kidding by the way, the bed is made at your room, Justin" He grinned and i chuckled quietly, my eyes finding Jazzy´s who was staring at me curiously. I offered a gentle smile which she returned before hidhing behind Justins leg. Aw I want a baby sister. "just no funny business, okay?"Jeremy said sternly and i found myself going red. "dad" Justin groaned and jeremy laughed. Man, he´s cool! I can tell he loves teasing justin.


Justin grabbed my hand and we walked with our bags through the house and to Justins room. It was at a average size. a bed made for one but big enough for two was against one of the walls. "the bed isnt that big but im sure we´ll survive" Justin smirked at me, moving his eyebrows up and down. I laughed and placed my bag on the floor, wrapping my arms around his neck and playing with his hair on the back of his head. I kissed him lightly as his hands wrapped around my waste, "shame your dad said no funny business, huh?" I smirked and Justin gulped at my tone, his grip on my hips a bit stronger, "yeah" He said, his voice lower. I grinned and pressed my lips to his again, loving the feeling.


"your siblings are adorable, by the way" I smiled, keeping my arms around his neck. He smiled fondly, "They are" He agreed, kissing my nose randomly. "They´ll ease up soon. Once they get used to seeing you, they wont stop messing around" He smiled and i nodded, "they´re so cute" I said, really wanting a brother or sister of my own.



The next day.


Jazzy birthday party started a while ago. Justin was right, Jazzy and Jaxon were not shy at all after a little while, and today they were running around. I think jazzy liked the attention she got. We started the day, singing happy birthday to her and gave her breakfast in bed. I also met Erin at the time. Jazzy was wearing this super cute dress and i braided her hair. She had seen me braid my hair while getting ready, and asked if i could braid hers the same way. Of course i did it. There were obviously a lot of childeren here, all of them screaming and running around, playing like children do.


"look how carefree they are" I said motining to all of the kids. Justin sat next to me, his hand on the back of my chair, "yeah" He agreed, smiling slightly, "ok, this is not cool!" Justin suddently said, and i followed his look and saw him glaring at Jazzy and a boy, who was holding her hand while they were running around. I laughed, i couldnt help it, "relax, they´re holding hands!" I laughed and Justin shook his head, "so? Next we know they´ll be kissing! she´s six!" He protested, "exactly, she´s six! They wont do anything" I said, still finding it funny. Justin frowned, "they should still think that they have cooties" He grumbled and i held in a laugh.It was actually adorable to see this side of Justin, the over-protective side to his family. Made me love him a bit more.




Erin seemed like a  incredibelly sweet lady. She was always stressing around, making sure everyone had fun, but because of that i didnt get the chance to talk to her that much, but im sure we´ll talk more later on today. Jeremy was also really funny, and he and justin goofed around a lot. He and Justin were talking about some hockeygame i had no interest in, to be honest, so i walked over to jaxon who was playing alone with some toys. I sat down next to him, "hey jaxon" I smiled. he lifted his head and looked at m, "hi" He said in his cute toodler voice. "what are you playing?" I asked and he held up a toy car. "are you having fun?" I asked and he nodded his cute little head. "Victoria!" I looked up and saw Jazzy coming running towards me with a secret smile. She planted her self between my legs, facing me. "whats up cutie?" I asked and she grinned at me,


" Justin sent me over" She said, her voice like she was telling a secret, "oh really?" I asked, acting along to her exitment, "yep! He told me to tell you that he thinks you are beautiful and that he misses you and that you should go over to him" She said with a cute giggle at the end, "did he now?" I smirked and glaced at justin who was looking at us, pouting while waving his hand for me to come over to him. "yep!" She smiled and grabbed a strand of my hair, "do you think i will have as long hair as you have when i get old?" She asked randomly and i chuckled, "maybe. you have pretty hair now though" I said and she smiled at me, "thank you" She said then glanced behind me, "a boy told me i was cute" She whispered and my brows raised as i grinned, "really? well he´s right. what did you do?" I asked curious. She grimazed, "i ran ofcourse!" She said like it was obvious, "justin told me that boys have cooties, and i dont want those so i ran" She shrugged and i almost burst out laughing but managed to hold it in, " are you enjoying your birthday then?" I asked and she nodded fast, "yep!" She grinned. " why dont to go tell justin that he should get over here instead?" I asked her and she grinned and got up, running towards justin.




Justin did come over, with Jazzy. He sat down on the grass next to me and Jazzy in his lap. he looked at me, "stubborn, eh?" He smirked and i grinned innocently. He chuckled and kissed my cheek, "bieber how come victoria wont get cooties around you but i get cooties around boys?" Jazzy asked in her adorable confused voice. I laughed with closed mouth, watching justin struggle to answer. " because..well..Girls can only get cooties when they´re young" He said, smirking proudly that he came up with it. Jazzy frowned confused, "how not young do i have to be?" she asked and i chuckled quietly, "uh..13, maybe? maybe older im not sure" Justin shrugged and i rolled my eyes at him. "jazzy, when you start thinking boys are really cute and wants to be more with them, then you know you cant get cooties anymore" I said, smirking a bit at justin who glared at me, "dont listen to her princess, listen to your brother" He said and i laughed, shoving his side a bit.


The same night, the kids had gone home, Jazzy had opened her presents, and now we were all gathered around a campfire. It was dark so most of the light came from the fire. We all sat around, being me, justin, the family and a few friends of jeremy and erin whos kids were also there for jazzy. It was a blast, really cosy. We were eating smoores and everything. Justin told me eariler that this was something they would do often, as long as the weather allowed it, for someones birthday.


Justin and i were sitting next to eachother, sharing a blanket which was draped around our shoulders, it was cosy. "you look like you´re having fun" Justin said quietly. I looked at him and smiled, kissing him quick, "i am" I said and leaned my head on his shoulder. I´ve never really gotten to do this, just sit around a fire with family and friends. " I think it´s time for some songs!" Someone called out and i lifted my ehad curiously, "another part of this, we sing alot" Justin grinned and one of jeremys friends had a guitar in his lap. He started this really catchy funky rythm, and suddenly everyone was singing along and i had no idea what song it was so all i could do was to smiled at all i heard and saw, this was actually one of the best things that has happened to me. Everyone was so carefree and looked so happy. Jazzy sat in jeremys lap, singing and dancing along with her hands, while Jaxon was in Erins lap, more relaxed.  "Justin, you´re up!" The one of the guitar said, and changed the tune. Justin grinned and started to sing the song, and i was yet again impressed with his voice. Specially now, outside with only a gutiar and his voice, it was amazing. This kept up, everyone sang and had fun, people dancing. "Victoria, you´re up!" He said and i froze for a second, "oh, i dont kno-" everyone started to, "come on, it´s fun! do it!" And i was still unsure, "We´ll do it together" Justin grinned and grabbed my hand, linking our fingers together. "what song?" he asked the guitarist, "uh..some nights?" He suggested, "you know the song?" Justin asked and i nodded. "okay" He grinned and kissed my cheek before the song started.





Victoria look exited to sing, and a bit nervous but that will go away fast enough. She looked at me and i smiled down at her, "you start" I said and she nodded, her voice filling the space around everyone. I looked around and saw the same look on everyones faces; astonished and mesmerized. I grinned to myself, proud to call her my girlfriend. Her voice just seemed to make everyone go quiet and just listen, take her voice in and enjoy it. I sang along with her after a few lines, smiling down at her as I sang. Man i love singing with her. Vic looked up at me, smiling as well as she sang. I looked at the others again and saw Erin filming us, i didnt mind. Victoria sang alone again and all i could do was to stare down at her smiling, before i sang again.


The song finished and i leaned in, kissing her softly once and we heard the applouce around us, "that was so beautiful!" Erin said. "it was, you two should really do a song together" I chuckled, i would love to do a song with Vic. "we will" I smirked and Vic laughed, leaning her head on my shoulder again.




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america´s sweetheart - part 40

hold still i wanna take a picture"He said as Justin held my face and kissed my cheek. I laughed because Justin held completely still in that position. "okay, three two" Alfredo counted and at one i did this weird grimaze thing. Alfredo laughed, "it turned out pretty cute" He smirked.


@francisloverONE: are you kidding me my feelings omg this is the cutest thing ive ever seen

@VFismyidol: how can you hate something this cute its like hating a puppy




Today I was doing my first photoshoot again. I was sitting in a chair, getting my hair and make up fixed, while Justin was sitting in the couch, playing on his phone or something. Everyone thinks hes still in Atlanta, like he has been these last two days, but he flew to Washington where I am at the moment to do the photoshoot, and then we´re flying back to LA together tomorrow. to say it simple, Justin is supposed to be in Atlanta, but he´s here with little me. Justin had a interview himself later on today, at the hotel we´re staying at.





Victoria was looking beautiful doing the photoshoot. I could easily tell she was uncomfortable at first, but now she was doing it like she was a model. I could stand here and watch her all day. Which is what im doing, by the way. The photographer was really good too, i could tell. She was very laidback in a way, and was clear with what she wanted, and she made it fun too. And ofcourse, Victoria being Victoria, she had to make som funny faces every now and then, and joke around, but it was just funny. Victoria was doing this cute smile and she glanced at me and i did a weird face, making her smile her wide beautiful smile,


I grinned to myself and checked my phone. A few texts, but nothing important that i had to respond to just now.


I stood there watching here and found myself smiling for no reason. It was a new feeling, actually. I love Victoria, but now, it feels deeper than love. It doesnt makes sense. I loved Selena, we had a good relationship. But with Victoria? Everything feels more real and true, if you get me. I sound like im whipped right now, but i guess i am. Every touch, every kiss, every conversation, every hug, every smile, everything is different with her, I´ve never felt anything like it before. It scares me, kind of. But in the good way. Me being a guy, I like that Victoria sometimes needs me to tell her what shes good for, make her realize how amazing she is. I like that sometimes i have to just hug her to make her feel safe and better, I really like that. I love that she needs me.



I was ready for my interview. It was a interview for a magazine, but it would also be filmed while we´re doing it. So inside the hotelroom we were using, it was a few cameras and lights around. The chair I sat in was comfy, thank god. The intervier was a lady called Maya. We talked while everything was starting to be ready, she introdoced herself and the interview a bit. A bodyguard was in the back of the room as always. She informed me that the first part ofinterview wasnt all that serious and stuff, and most of the questions are questions that my fans have sent in, and then at the end she would ask some more "serious" questions.


"Are you a good cook?" Maya asked.


"I can cook some things well, but not alot. To be honest, if I have to make dinner for myself, i chose junk food most of the time" I said and she wrote down as i talked,


"what do you like to watch on TV?"


"Actually, i dont watch tv that much. And the times I do, i mostly watch basketballgames or something like that"


"What is your favorite word?"


"my favorite word.. ah, i dunno, maybe..ah, i got it! swag ofcourse"


"you fans has a tendens to be quite crazy, so what is the weirdest moment you´ve had with a fan?"


I chuckled a bit there and thought for some seconds, " It´s one i remember well, and it happened during the Believe tour. it was after a concert and my crew and i was eating at this resturant, and i went to the bathroom. opening the door again, a fan is standing there, right outside. She practically broke into the toilet" I chuckled, remembering how shocked both her and i was that time.


"if you knew that today was your last day, what would you do?"


" Make sure that everyone who means something to me knows how much i care and how much i love them. And probably have a last slice of pizza"


"What is your defenition on happiness?"


"oh...uh, tough question..  I think that if you surround yourself with good people, who makes you feel happy, you should be pretty good off"


"where do you see youself in ten years?"


"I try not to look that much forward in time. I like to live right now and make sure i apprichiate everything that is happening now. But i know I´ll still work in the musicindustry" I smiled with a small nod.


"when you perform, do you get nervous?" She asked with a small smile,


"I dont really get nervous.It happens that I get nervous before a show, but the closer it comes, the more the adrenalin kicks in and everything feels like a rush" I chuckled,


" that was the fans questions" Maya laughed small, "I have to inform you, probably half of the questions had to be sensured! Your fans has a big...imagination" She chuckled and i laughed too,


"yeah, they do" I admitted.


"do you ever get tired of it? all the screaming and people following you everywhere?" She asked, flipping over to a new page on her notebook,


"I never get tired of my fans, i like the craziness with them, so it doesnt bothers me. And everything else i try to ignore" I ssaid, refering to the paparazzi, or stalkerazzi as Vic calls them.


"Obviously, being famous, there will always be rumors going around you, and lately there has been a lot"


"yeah, you know,  working in this industry, as you say, it comes with a lot of bullcrap, which is exactly what it is; bullcrap. I dont know how people come up with all of the stuff, but at the end of the day, i know my truth" I said and she nodded as she wrote down.


"so you´re just doing your thing?" She grinned and i laughed, nodding. Maya was laidback and cool, i like that.


"as asked eariler about your future in the business, what kind of things with music do you think you´re doing?" She asked,


"well, at one point, sadly, im going to be too old to be touring and stuff, so then i´ll probably write music for others. definitely working with music though" I  responded,


"im sure your fans will be happy to hear that" She smiled and i grinned.


" you family is very important for you, yes?" She asked,


"yes, they are. They mean everything to me and i really wouldnt have been here without them" I smiled, keeping it easy,


"aw" She said quietly, not meaning for me to hear i guessin, i chuckled, "do you miss them?" She asked,


"yes, alot. My sisters birthday is in not too long though, so im going there to meet up with them" I smiled, feeling exited already.


"alot of the questions your fans sent in was about your new relationship, i dont know how you feel about responding to them?" She asked and just because she asked that questions she ended up on my good side.


"Just ask a few and i´ll answer the ones i can" I shrugged. The more we hide our relationship, the more they´ll seek. So if we just.. dont hide as much, people will get used to it, it´ll become old news, and then it wont even be news anymore.


"what is the most important thing in a relationship, for you?" She asked,


"honesty and trust. When i travel as much as i do, you sometimes spend a lot of time apart, so it´s important that youre always honest and trusting" I answered easily enough,


"what do you like to do when you´re spending time together?" maya asked, reading the quesiton of a paper.


"we go to the movies..normal stuff i guess" I chuckled,


"what is the most romantic thing you´ve done?" She asked and i chuckled,


"I cant tell you! I have to keep my tricks for myself" I smirked and she chuckled,


"and you´re happy?" she asked.


"yeah, i am. My life is really good right now, and i am really happy. im smiling" I grinned,


"thats good to hear. though, some of your fans are not all that supportive of your relationship. what does that feel like?" She asked.


"another questions. my fans knows" I smiled and she nodded, respecting that, making me want to high five her.


"obviously, your girlfriend is insanely talented. do you two have some sort of a competition or?" She chuckled at her question,


"uh, not really. Well, we had a ice skating competition once, but she kicked my ass so we dont talk about that anymore" I smirked to myself. Maya laughed,


" yeah, she shes a figureskater as well! damn. i forgot about that" Maya chuckled  " so you feel like you two go good together?"

"yeah. She understands and she´s just a sweetheart" I smiled small to myself, wanting to see her right now.


"aw, thats cute. Americas sweetheart, right" She grinned and i chuckled,


"how is it to date americas sweetheart?" She asked,


"victoria is victoria to me, in the same way as i am justin to her" I smiled,


"do you feel like she takes time from your fans?" She asked and i frowned,


"no, and my fans knows that at the end of the day, regardingless of whom im dating, I´ll always be their Justin" I smirked, winking at the camera who i had almost forgotten.


"aw, cute. And how- "she got cut off,


"Babe?Justin?" A smile crept onto my face as i heard her voice. I turend around in my chair and saw Victoria coming into sight, then she saw the cameras and all and her eyes went all wide and round.


"oh shit! im so sorry! I thought you were done!" She gasped, "damnitt why dont i ever knock" She muttered angrily to herself. Maya laughed, "it´s okay. We can cut this part out of the video, of you like?" She offered, .


"yes, please. thanks" I smiled gratefully,


"I am really sorry, i guess i should knock next time. sorry" Victoria winced and i laughed at her, shaking my head. Maya shook her head and got up from the chair, "dont worry, its not a problem. Nice to meet you, by the way. Im Maya" Maya smiled and reached for Victorias hand, shaking it, "you too, Im victoria!" She grinned, " I can just..dissapear now" Victoria grimazed and hurried out of the room, shouting a "sorry" on her way. I laughed, happy to see her again, but now i wanted to hold her and give her a kiss, i havent seen her in a few hours now.  Maya sat down with a grin and a shake of her head, "first time I met her, actually" She admitted, "She´s actually more good looking in reality" She muttered, more to herself again. "She is" I grinned and she got that "aww" look all girls seem to have.


Maya only had a few questions left, about my new album, and then the interview was done. "thank you for your time, the interview will be out in about a week" Maay informed me as she shook her hand, "thanks, yourself. I enjoyed it"I said honestly. Maya grinned proudly. "awesome" She grinned. "you and victoria are really cute together, by the way" She chirped, a bit embarressed, "Im cheering for you!" She added and i laughed, "thank you" I grinned gratefully. "thanks again. bye" she smiled, "byebye" I smiled back. I told my guard that he could go to his room, informing him that both me and victoria would just chill in the room for the night.





"babyyyy" I dragged out as I found her being a total lazybum, laying on the couch. She grimazed once she saw me, "be honest, did i totally ruin the interview? Im sorry, i got the time wrong" She grimazed and i laughed, "you didnt" I assured her and walked over, laying down right on top of her. She let out a "oompf" at my weight. Victoria is actually really comfy to  lay on. "comfy?" she asked sarcastically and i hmm´d, nodding slightly. She chuckled, kissing my forhead and ran her fingers soothingly through my hair. I laid with my head on her chest and she kept running her fingers through my hair, making me sleepy. "long day?" My girlfriend asked. "yah. just tired" I mumbled and she kissed my forhead again, and that reminded me, i wanted to kiss her. How could i even forget? I smirked, forgetting about my eariler tiredness and sat up a bit. She looked at me curiously, and i just grinned, "i love you" I smiled and her whole face lit up, "I love you too" She smiled and i smiled wider, before leaning down, pressing my tounge into her mouth, and being careful not to crush her with my whole body weight so i leaned on my arms.



A night like this is perfect, in my eyes. All we did was kiss, make out, snuggle, small talk and relax. Just a perfect, relaxing night with my  beautiful girlfriend. Whenever I´m with her, I can just let go of all of the stress this job can bring, and just fully be myself and feel 100% content. I can just breath out and not have a worry in the world. We had switched places, so I was laying on my back on the couch and she was laying on me, her stomach pressed against my torso and her head resting on my chest. I found myself smiling, stroking her hair. "i love you" I said quietly. Victoria shifted her head so she could look up at me, she was smiling, "I know. and i love you too" She smiled, pressing her lips softly to my chin as she couldnt reach up to my lips without moving too much, and knowing her, she was probably too lazy. I smiled back, tightening my hold on her a bit. "hey, by the way" I said, remembering it now, "Jazzy´s birthday is soon. Do you want to come with me when I go to Canada?" I asked gently. She looked at me again, "meeting your family?" She asked and i nodded, "if it´s okay with your family. I dont want to intrude or anything" She frowned worriedly and i chuckled, brushing her hair out of her face, "you wont, i promise. My dad and Erin has been asking to meet you, specially my grandma" I rolled my eyes jokingly, "cant stop nagging about it. "I wanna meet her! fast!"" I mimicked my grandmas voice. Victoria laughed, a sound i love, "sure, I´ll come" She smiled, and this time she moved up so she could kiss me, "What does Jazzy want for her birthday?" She asked and i frowned, "babe, you dont have to get her anything" I said but she just shushed me, " sure i do. I cant just go to her party and not bring a present" She said, "we can just split mine or something" I suggested. "Justin, i want to. so shup up" she grinned and i sighed, giving up. "okay" I agreed, lifting my head and kissed her.





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america´s sweetheart - part 39

"i´ll save that day to later, because im sure I´ll need it some time" He grinned, "good. now turn on the sound again, i wont keep you from basketball" I said and he grinned down at me, kissing me again, "I dont even know who´s playing. It was nothing else on" He shrugged with a smirk. I gaped at him, "I felt guilty for distracting you from the game!" I said and he just grinned, leaning down over me, kissing me again, "shut up" He said, keeping kissing me over and over again.



@Beliebs: how can anyone hate the smile Victoria put on justins face omg





I was hanging around twitter when something caught my eye, and i didnt really like it that much. "@madeinVICCY: AM I THE ONLY NOTICING HOW FO-CUS.TUMBLR.COM POSTED THS PICTURE BEFORE VICTORIA POSTED IT ON HER INSTAGRAM??




Tumblr is kinda sorta my life, I kind of dont want people to find out about it being me and stuff. And besides, I follow blogs dedicade for me because I want to talk to my fans without them knowing, and i also follow a blog dedicaded for me and Justin as a couple, imagine how much drama that could cause if people found out.Us tumblrpeople must stick together.


@ddlovato: sleepy is so much of a cuter word than tired, everyone needs to stop saying tired and start saying sleepy, starting now


I chuckled while creasing my eyebrows together, that would be so weird. I agree that sleepy is cuter that tired, but what if...


@victoriafrancis: @ddlovato Im so sleepy of your sh*t


I chuckled to myself as I saw all the replies, I knew demi would know that i was joking and stuff, not that i was actually "sleepy" of her shit. Seems like the fans got it as well, because I saw a picture of someone printscreening our tweets and post it on tumblr, it was all over my dash. They actually made a "friendship-name" for us, Vemi. How weird does that sound. "omg I SHIP VEMI SO MUCH" I read and laughed. wow.


It was  a new day, and I felt a lot much better than yesterday after the interview. I stayed the night with Justin, and he was in the shower at the moment,and he asked if i could just make something easy to eat before we had to leave. I made omelet, because it takes like, five minutes to make one and i also knew that Justin would use his time in the shower. Justin, if hes in a hurry, he can shower and be dressed in three minutes, but whenever he has the time, he takes long showers. Kind of like me, only i take only long showers. I was blasting music on the speakers, and Justins speakers were loud, and i was singing along with the lyrics as I made the omelets, it was actually really fun.


I was singing along to Crazy, one of my favorite songs, when Justins arms wrapped around me from behind. I grinned and turned around to face him,



We ended up making out, making me forget about the omelet that was currently being burned. "You get the burned omelet" I said between kisses, making Justin laugh, "I like things hot" He smirked, glancing at the well cooked omelet. I rolled my eyes, kissing his chin. "hurry up and eat, Alfredo will be here soon" I smiled.


We were meetin Alfredo, because he asked if Justin and I wanted to come with him when he would take pictures for this project he was working on. I didnt have anything planned, so I agreed, so did justin. I think we were just gonna drive for a while to get away, then just walk around or something while Alfredo took his pictures.


Justin and I walked hand in hand, while Alfredo was sporting his two cameras."Was it awkward when that guy brought up selena yesterday?" Alfredo asked randomly, "dude" Justin groaned and i smiled small, "more annoying" I said, "I dont understand why he brought it up, we havent meet in forever, and that one time i did meet her, she was super nice" I shrugged and felt justin looking at me, "so you´re not jealous over her or something?" alfredo asked and Justin just shook his head at him provided. "Im the one whos dating justin, arnt i?" I grinned, laughing a bit, "but really, as long as she dont try to put any moves on justin, i dont care" I said honestly.


Last time I met selena she was so sweet and nice, so why should i feel any kind of hate towards her only because she has dated Justin? That doesnt make sense to me. Like, if we meet in the future, Im ofcourse gonna be nice and talk to her and stuff, because she seems really nice. But like, if she was to try to take justin back, which i doubt, i dont have to like her. you get it, right? "you and selena ended as friends, right?" Alfredo asked Justin who nodded,  a bit uncomfortable talking about his ex. "yeah. We both agreed that it would be for the best, and looks like it was for the best too" Justin smiled, looking down at me as he said the last part.  I giggled and he kissed my cheek, " Well Justin, you´re lucky you dont have a crazy exboyfriend of hers who wants her back then" Alfredo said. Justin frowned, "true, but then again i have half of the male population over 13 years old who wants Victoria. Gotta step up my game if i want to keep her for myself" Justin smirked and i looked at him weirdly, "true" Alfredo chuckled and i frowned more, "what?" I asked, justin rolled his eyes, "like you dont know that pretty much every male out there thinks you´re hot? kind of annoying, really, reading other guys comments about my girlfriend" He said, actually looking irritated about it, "you´re crazy" I laughed, "Im serious! I mean, i dont mind at all that they´re jealous of me for having you and stuff, they should be, so as long as they dont touch you, im fine " He shrugged and i laughed again, wakling closer to him "dont worry baby im staying" I grinned and he smirked, "i know" He smirked cockily.


Alfredoflores: a clean wall is a sad wall @victoriafrancis



"im gonna get arrested now. being hated for ruining a perfectly clean wall" i said ironically and Alfredo chuckled as I put the sharpie back in my bag. "like you wrote, a clean wall is  a sad wall" He shrugged. "sure" I chuckled, "did you get the pictures you needed?" I asked, wrapping my arm around Justins waist as his arm came over my shoulders, "yep. We can go now" Alfredo smiled, "wanna go for some ice cream first?" He added and i nodded fast, "best offer of the day" I grinned and heard Justin snort, "anything with food in it is a good offer for you" He smirked and i glared at him for a second before realizing he was right, so i nodded at him, dropping my glare.


So we drove back to the city and got outself some ice cream. We as last time, went to a ice cream store which wasnt that known and very small, so we could be alone.I finished mine first, suprise suprise.  Justin and I were just goofing around again, "wait!" Alfredo suddently said, "hold still i wanna take a picture"He said as Justin held my face and kissed my cheek. I laughed because Justin held completely still in that position. "okay, three two" Alfredo counted and at one i did this weird grimaze thing. Alfredo laughed, "it turned out pretty cute" He smirked.







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america´s sweetheart - part 38

I didnt want to read the comments i got, so i signed off twitter right away after posting it. Justin looked at me weirdly as i did, but i pretended not to notice it. I was terrified of what people would think of my voice.





 It has been around three months since the AMAs and my "shocking apperiance" as they all call it. For me things have been weird and strange, but things are seeming more normal now. I´have also talked a bit with demi, ggetting to know her and stuff. I´ve been to two more Tv-interviews other then the first on at Ellen. These months I´ve been focusing mostly on my fans, meeting them as much as I can and I have had two livechats on twitter where they could ask me questions and I would just tell them about random things and stuff, so we could get better known again. Sadly though, things havent been all great. Lynn is trying to get me to do more covers and post, but truth is, i dont feel like doing that yet.


Today Lynn was coming with me for a radiointerview here in LA, and after that we are going out for something to eat, then im heading over to Justin. We were driving, "I´ve already noted them about what they can ask and cannot ask, so dont worry about that. It will probably just be generally about you and what you plan for" Lynn ressured. I nodded, smiling at her.



"and we are here with no other than the lovely Victoria francis!" The radiohost, Alec, said into the microfone. I smiled and placed the big headphones on my head,


"hii" I smiled,


"So I heard your cover that you did some weeks ago, and i must say, your voice has changed alot" Alec said,


"yeah, i guess" I laughed lightly, "I think mostly its because I sing different music now than what i did before" I said,


"by before you mean before you left ?" Alec aksed and i slowly nodded,


"yeah" I said, not liking the tone he used, like a fake curious one.


"okay, so, we havent heard anything new from you for a while, do you plan on coming out with something soon or?" He asked, reading the question from a paper.


"uh, no, not in a while" I answered and placed a smile on, knowing that this interview is getting filmed as well.


"why not?" He pushed. I looked around,


"weeell, at the moment im focusing on getting to know my fans again and i try to spend a lot of time with them" I said honesty,


"do you feel terrible about leaving?" He asked and i held back my frown and mentally took a deep breath to calm myself. I smiled,


"no, i dont feel bad about leaving, but i feel bad about leaving the way i did. "I said and glanced at Lynn who were standing in the back, her arms crossed and and pursed lips. I could tell she didnt like this guy either.


"I see.  thats understandable. Okay so will you ever do a new movie, a new album or something like that?" He smiled at me and i smiled my best fake smile back,


" Yes, i just dont know when. I love acting and music, but i also know that a lot of things have changed and i think it is wise that im waiting a bit" I said and Lynn nodded at me,


"what has changed?" He asked and i shrugged,


"a lot of things" I said, not wanting to go more into it, but being the jerk he is....


"liike?" he asked,


"you know, i just think that, when you have been away for so long like i have, things are gonna be different no matter what, and to try to get things back in a way..things will take time" I said with a light shrug, sending him a smile. He nodded, finally getting that i wouldnt tell him about what things, that idiot.


"uh, Justins fans being posessive and stuff, it´s obvious that you get hate on twitter and such, how do you deal with it?" He asked and i had to bit back my not so nice words.


"why do you say that they are posessive like its a bad thing?" I said with a kind smile, defending the beliebers, "I think its great that they are so dedicated like they are, Justin is lucky" I said honestly,


"okay, but you still get hate. how do you deal with it?" He asked again and i was glad im an actoress, so i could stop my true feelings for showing, because right now i was mad.


"I try not to pay any attention to it" I said shortly ,


"why?" Alec asked and i smiled small,


"If i was to read and focus on the hate i get i would put myself in a state of depression, why would i do that to myself? I dont focus on the bad things" I said and he nodded, sending me a grin. jerk.


"what about the rumours going around now?" He asked and i frowned,


"what rumours?" I asked, acting a smile.


"the dramatic love triangle" He said dramatically, and i forced a laugh,


"I didnt know i was a part of one" I said, still "laughing".


"the one between you, justin and selena gomez" He said, looking at me,


"uhm, still, i didnt know i was a part of one" I chuckled, looking at him weirdly,


"theres a rumour saying you and Selena hate each other" he said and i smiled small,


"I havent met Selena Gomez in five years, i think, and i really cant remember anything about us hating each other" I said, giving him a jokingly sarcastic look,


"so you dont hate each other then?" He asked and i had to take a mentally deep breath again,


"no, i dont know who come up with these things" I said with a shake of my head, "just because we dated the same guy, it doesnt mean that we have to hate each other and have some sort of a "love triangle" or whatever. I mean, im sure you still hate the guy who your exgirlfriend chose over you, but its not like that" I said, not being able to stop myself. I had to bit my tongue from saying anything more stupid, "and, rumours like that are normally not true, to future refferances" I said quickly after before he could respond. He was good a keeping his composure, thats for sure. I saw lynn biting her lip, either she was trying not to laugh, or she was mad at me, i dont know.


He laughed, "okay everybody heard that, theres no hate between Selena and victoria!" He said and i chuckled,


"moving on, you´ve gotten a lot of comments on your body since you´ve been back, about you gaining weight and stuff. How much to you weight?" He asked like it was normal and i couldnt believe him. My heart was racing because i was so mad, and it sucks that i couldnt show it. Sitting her being grilled about hating other people and my body and the hate i get? thats no easy, and not being able to defend myself in..stronger words, are tough.


"Why do you want to discuss over my weight? I mean..It doesnt matter how much I weight" I said, "this is awful" I said, adding a chuckle because i had to.


"No, i just know you´ve gotten a lot of comments on it.  is your weight a big issue for you?"He asked and i shot him a death glare in my head,


"you know, I could have the perfect body, but it was that or bacon. I chose bacon" I said. I actually wrote that as a textpost on tumblr once, it got really popular too. Alec laughed,


"you´re not worried about gaining weight then?"He asked,


"no, i-" He cut me off,


"so you´re saying people should just eat and eat and not care at all?" He pushed,


"no, but if that make you hap-" He cut me off again,


"is that the kind of rolemodel you want to be?" He asked and i forced a laugh again,


"you will get answers easier if you dont cut me off half through the scentence" i laughed, strangeling him in my mind."im just a normal girl who likes to eat" I shrugged and saw Lynn nodding at me from the corner of my eye, " you have to cut it off now," I heard Lynn tell one of the others, who told alec through his earpiece.


"okay, we´re out of time, Victoria, thank you for coming, always a pleasure" He smiled and i smiled back, "thanks for having me" I grinned and got up. "bye!" I smiled and waved, hearing him say goodbye back. One I was out of the door, I stormed down the hall, pissed. Lynn came quickly after me. "can you believe him?!" I hissed, "Victoria, keep your voice down. I get it, but not here" Lynn said sternly and i took a deep breath, trying to calm myself. "Aiden said that there are fans waiting outside. Do you want to meet them, or?" She asked,and  knowing that meeting them would calm me down a bit, i nodded.


Well, meeting my fans helped as I was with them, but once I was back in the car, i was back to being pissed. "did you hear him?!" I hissed, "what an asshole!" I spat, clenching my teeth, "Im not going back there, if its the same guy" I said determinded and Lynn i nodded, "I understand that you´re upset, but this wont be the last time you´re gonna meet a reporter like him, and you cant let them face you ike this" She said and i knew she was right, "Besides, you handled him well! You answered good and smart, and you didnt give away that you were three seconds away from punching him" She chuckled and i cracked a smile, "That ex-girlfriend joke you made, i didnt know wether to laugh or to be mad at you, but it was hillarious" She chuckled and i laughed too, "I couldnt stop myself,sorry" I said but she shook her head, "it´s okay" She smiled, "you know, you still look a bit pissed- " which i am, "so how about we get you home so you can relax?" Lynn offered. I blew out a breath, "yeah, okay. Can you drive me to Justins instead though?" I asked and she rollde her eyes, "sure" She smiled.




I bursted through Justins door, the anger finally get to me. "What an ASSHOLE!" I shouted, kicking off my shoes and shrugged off my jacket. I stomped through the place, "IDIOT!" i yelled, nearing the livingroom, "FUCK!" I shouted and saw Justin sitting in the couch, looking at me wide eyed, completely still, "did you hear? can you believe it? Fucking asshole!" I hissed and Justin gulped, "uh, babe, sweetheart.--" I contined, and saw him get up, coming towards me, "he just...! ugh! I cant believe him" I said and then Justin placed his hands on my shoulders, keeping me still. he looked at me strongly, "take a deep breath" He said calmly and i did as he said and he nodded, waiting then looking at me weirdly, "and let it out! jesus" He said and i blew out a big breath. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me, just hugging me close, "I heard the inteview"he said and i hugged him closer, "he was just an asshole, but you handled him well. You owned the guy, you hurt his ego"He comforted me, "you did great, and you embarrissing him made the interview, not his jackass questions" Justin smiled, kissing my head,


"he just..ugh! he made me so mad"I groaned and Justin led us over to the couch, sitting down with me in his lap, "I know princess"Justin said, stroking my tight, "talking about my weight?! why does it even matter" I muttered and leaned my head on his shoulder, " He´s just an asshole" Justin said, "yeah, he is" I said and justin kissed my head again, and we just sat like that for a while.





I know how Victoria feels like, being put in a chair on a live show and having to answer questions right on the spot is hard, even harder when the interviewer is an asshole like this Alec guy was. You have to chose your words carefully, and if you hesitate with your answers, they will take advantage of it and things will get messy after that. Victoria handled it really well though, she was good. She suprised me with her acting skills too, because she sounded completely calm and normal during the interview, but when she came here, it was obvious how pissed she really was. Creds to her. Although I understand her anger, she will have it better if she can just try to brush it off. This wont be the last time she´ll have an interview like this, sadly, " I get it that you´re upset, but just try to think ¨okay, he´s a fucking asshole, thats who he is. Im gonna be better than that, i wont let him get to me" " I tried and she sighed, " I know.. I shouldnt be this upset over the stupid interview" She muttered, "okay im done now" She said and let out a quiet chuckle, "thank you" She said and kissed my jaw, probably because she couldnt reach my cheek, that shorty.



"you came eariler so i dont have the dinner ready" I said. I was supposed to make dinner for us, " But we can go out for dinner or just order in?" I suggested. victoria pulled her head up from my shoulder and looked at me, "order in? I dont feel like going out tonight" She said with a small grimaze that made her look adorable. I chuckled, kissing her soft lips lightly, "whatever you want" I smiled and reached for my phone on the table, "what do you want? pizza, tacos, chinese?" I listed. She bit her lip while thinking, and my eyes immediatly got drawn to her lips. A reflex, dont judge. "uh, chinese?" She asked and i nodded and found the number. I called and ordered for us, "uh, no we´ll come and get it" I said into the phone, "Chandler Bing" I said when they asked for my name. I hung up and Viccy laughed at me, "Guess im monica for the night then" She grinned and i chuckled. I texted Michael, one of my security slash assistant if he could go and get the food for us under the name Chandler Bing, which he could.



"I´m gonna instagram this shit" Victoria muttered more to herself once the food had arrived. We got the food in boxes, but I brought out bowls we could eat from instead. I looked at her weirdly as she took the picture,


VictoriaFrancis: Chinese food is where its at





 "Lynn wants me to do another cover again" I mumbled and Justin shifted a bit, "okay? are you going to?" He asked, probably a bit irritated I was talking because he was watching this basketball game on TV while I was on tumblr on my phone, "I dont want to" I said, "why?" Justin asked, but it sounded like he wasnt really paying attention, "Im scared" I shrugged. "wait-what? what did you say?" Justin asked, snapping out of the game and he actuallt muted the TV. I shifted in my seat, "Im scared of posting another video" I admitted. I havent told anyone yet, but im really insecure about starting to work again. One of the reasons to why i havent really started working, is because im scared. "what are you scared for?" He asked, stroking my arm making me shiver, " I dont know if they´ll like it or not. If they´ll like my voice, my new music" I said , my voice small as i felt at the moment, " I dont know if my fans will like my new music, or the movie I´ll make, and that scares me a lot. It´s just something im insecure about. I just feel like so much have changed, and I´ll end up dissapointing so many people" I admitted and Justin let out a breath,


"sweetie, i can see where you´re coming from, but have you not seen the comments on the last video you posted?" Justin asked and i shook my head, "what, why not?" Justin exclaimed, "I have mostly only read positive feedback. Your fans love your voice, and I think your voice has gotten better" Justin said, "I didnt even know you were feeling like this, why didnt you tell me sooner? Is this why you put off starting to work again?" Justin asked, figuring it out. "a part of it" I said, " On one side, i dont want to rush things and just have a new album out, and on the other side, im scared that my new stuff wont be good enough" I said. "to be honest, princess, theres always a change that people wont like what you do, no matter how long you have been in the business" Justin said, "you´ve made it this far, and really, you probably have an album ready, execpt from the recording stuff" He smiled. "dont be scared, even though its hard. okay?" He said and i sighed and nodded, "I guess, thanks again. I promise tomorrow you can complain about everything to me and i wont get annoyed" I told him and he laughed, kissing me once, "i´ll save that day to later, because im sure I´ll need it some time" He grinned, "good. now turn on the sound again, i wont keep you from basketball" I said and he grinned down at me, kissing me again, "I dont even know who´s playing. It was nothing else on" He shrugged with a smirk. I gaped at him, "I felt guilty for distracting you from the game!" I said and he just grinned, leaning down over me, kissing me again, "shut up" He said, keeping kissing me over and over again.





Vanskelig å skrive når jeg ikke får noen pekepinner :-)


Hva vil dere ha mer av i historien?

intervier, awardshows, victoria med familie-justin-venner (samme for justin), flere scener med bare justin og victoria? si hva dere vil ha mer av, hva dere savner i historien! :)

america´s sweetheart - part 37

"ah, the paps are starting to show" Justin noted. "maybe if we leave now we wont have to call aiden to come closer" He added and i nodded, getting up, "leggo" I smirked, knowing that was something he use to say. He just laughed at me, grabbing my hand.



I was sitting at my terrace, enjoying the nice weather and i would say admiring the beautiful view, but truth is, i was starting at my computer screen. I was blasting Demi Lovatos new album and one word, perfection. Every damn song is perfect how is that possible.


@VictoriaFrancis: I really cant believe that just now is the first time im hearing @ddlovato ´s new album.

@VictoriaFrancis: literally perfection, I love every song and if you havent heard it yet you havent lived @ddlovato


Seriously how is that possible, i love every song. I know what music I´ll be blasting today! she sounds amazing.


@ddLovato: @victoriafrancis thank you so much!! it means a lot xxx


I chuckled and favorited the tweet as well as retweeting it. doubt she´ll notice unless she goes into my profile but oh well.Lynn called me, "yo Lynn" I said, "yes hello Victoria" She said and i chuckled, "sorry, hello" I grinned, "?" I said and heard her breathe out, "I need out to do the cover today"She said and i bit my lip,"uh-" she cut me off, "They need something, i told you that" She said, but her tone wasnt mad or anything.  "i guess" I sighed,  "but do the cover thing and im exited to hear it. I read through some of the songs you sent me, and they are amazing. Though i havent heard the melody yet, im already close to begging you to make a album" She said and i chuckled, "yeah right" I smiled. "maybe later this year" I offered, "okay good" Lynn chuckled. We hung up and i frowned to myself.


@LynnColt: just got off the phone with Victoria, you should keep your eyes open later today. Or ears i dont know




"Fredoo" I grinned and slapped him a five as he entered the appartment, he had agreed to film the cover i was doing.  Justin was right behind him. i grinned and kissed him as i reached him. he happily agreed to that. "please dont tell me you two will be all love-dovey while im here" Alfredo groaned and i giggled into the kiss, "we wont" I said and pulled back but justin pulled me back, his lips meeting mine and i could feel his smile. He was doing this just to annoy Alfredo that jerk. I laughed and pushed Justin away, kissing him fast once before grabbing his hand and we walked to where Alfredo was setting up his camera. "hey, its sunset soon. It would be really cool with that in the background, so we can take it outside at the terrace?" Alfredo offered, "sure, sounds cool" I grinned and grabbed my guitar and walked out to the terrace. "you´re playing guitar too?" Justin grinned and i nodded, "yep" I chuckled. "what song are you singing, by the way?" He asked, "all in my head" I smiled and strummed the guitar. "ooh nice" He grinned. "okay Vic, if you can stand over there it will be perfect" Alfredo said and i did as he said. "alright, ready to go"He grinned. he held up three fingers, counting down and i started playing and singing.


We had to take a few takes, because  Justin being the mature kid he is, he decided to start clapping and singing along with my at times. He claimed that he just forgot about the whole filming thing but whatever, i didnt mind and it was kind of fun so it was okay. Justin stood besides alfredo, and every now and then he would make this silly faces so i had to really focus not to mess up.


"you´re a jerk" I laughed and pushed justin in his chest as we were done. he just laughed, "and you´re are so talented. I got chills" He stated and i rolled my eyes, "it´s chilly out here, go put a sweater on" I smirked and he rolled his eyes this time, "haha funny" He said sarcastically, "seriously Victoria, your voice has gotten sick seriously. amazing" alfredo put in and i laughed bashfully, "thanks.."I smiled, "im serious, i mean, your voice was great before, but now..just wow,, seriously"He said with a shake of his head. "bro, i think she got that you were serious the first tree times you said ,seriously" Justin said and i chuckled, "thanks Alfredo" I grinned. "no problem. I can probably get the video ready tonight if you want" He offered, "thanks. You can work here " I smiled and he nodded, and we all walked back into the livingroom.


Alfredo sat down in one of the couches with his mac on his lap and headphones, ready to work. I felt kind of sorry for making him do this, so i walked to the kicthen and made him a glass of sprite and got a Oreopack and placed them on a plate. I walked back to the livingroom and sat it all at the table in front of him and he looked at it before looking up at me, "thank you!" He grinned widely and i chuckled, sitting down besides Justin in the other couch. He laid his arm around me, our faces close, "I ment what i said, I got chills listening to you" He murmured, kissing  a random place in my face. I flushed, "thanks" I smiled. "wanna make a song together?" He smirked and i laughed, swatting his head, "shut up" I grinned.






i looked up from the screen and regretted it because Justin and Victoria was making out and i dont really need to see that. I shook my head and focused back on the video, which would end up great i promise. I didnt have much left anyways. Victorias voice has improved so much its crazy. I think everyone will get a bit shocked after hearing this, to be honest.  I kept working and glanced up again, and now they were havhing this cute couple moment which actually made me a bit depressed because im forever alone with my oreos. I focused on the video again.


I was done with the video, so i looked up again and saw Justin and Victoria on the floor, doing some random stuff i have no idea what is, but it looked so stupid i had to laugh.


@alfredoflores: Being around couples are either really depressing or really funny


I read through some of my replies, and no suprise that my followers guessed who i was talking about. "post a picture!! please!" I read multipy times. I thought for some seconds. If i post a picture, will I get in trouble, or maybe will it play on Victoria the most? I can always delete it, not that it will make a difference, but still. I shrugged and looked at them, seeing them in the most weirdest thing ever. I laughed and took a picture of them.


@alfredoflores: lol (pic)




The replies i got was hillarious, justins fans are crazy.





" Vic, get over here the video is done" Alfredo said, making me drop my hands from Justin and i walked over to him. "really?" I said and felt the nerves come back. "yep" Alfredo smiled. "I can post it now if you want"

@victoriafrancis: I did a cover of one of my favorite songs today, check it out :)


I didnt want to read the comments i got, so i signed off twitter right away after posting it. Justin looked at me weirdly as i did, but i pretended not to notice it. I was terrified of what people would think of my voice.

america´s sweetheart - part 36

"Victoria, we have to go. Its starting to come more" The security informed me. I nodded, taking a step back and waved, "bye, i love you!" I said and blew them a kiss as I followed the guard to the car. One inside, i took out my phone, seeing a text from Justin. - I saw the interview, you were great! you looked hot in that yellow dress ;) proud of you baby. A simple text, but it made me smile so damn wide. My mom saw this and rolled her eyes at me while smiling, probably guessing who i was texting. I texted him back and placed my phone back in my pocket, starting to talk to my mom instead.




"Jaaay!" I grinned as he suddently came in to my room. I quickly got up from bed and ran to him, throwing my arms around his neck. He laughed and wrapped his arms around my waist, lifting me from the ground, "hey Vic" He chuckled, kissing me hard before putting me down again, "how was you trip" I asked, taking his hand and pulling him down on to the bed with me. "it was good i guess. Some interviews were fun, others were boring" He shrugged.  I laughed, "so basically like normal then?" I smiled, running my hands through his soft hair. I think I know why his hair is so soft, because when he was younger he didnt use hair gel or anything like that so i think his hair is soft because of that. "yeap"He smiled, kissing the hand i was using.



"so what have you been doing these last days then?"He asked, stretching his arms over his head, "oh you know. Nothing" I shrugged, "being lazy, sleeping in late" I smirked, knowing that he had to wake up early every day these last days. He glared at me, "lucky you" He said dryly, "Ellen told me to tell you that shes mad at you" I laughed, remembering it. his brows raised, "what for? what did i do?" He pouted, "you didnt tell her about the two of us" I giggled, touching his bottom lip he was pouting. " great. She will most deffently use that against me the next time im at her show" He said, grimazing.



"I swear, you are on tumblr 80 prosent of the day" Justin said as i clicked on the tumblr app on my phone. I looked at him grinning, "tumblr is my life" I said sticking out my tounge at him. He leaned forward and bit the tip of my tounge, "ow" I mumbled, narrowing my eyes at him, "I know a lot of things you can use your tounge for, and sticking it out at me isnt one of them" He smirked and i smacked his shoulder, "perv" I muttered, returning my attention to my phone. Justin laughed, kissing my jaw. He laid further down that what i did so he rested his head on my shoulder, "so whats on your agenda for the week?" I asked still scrolling through tumblr. I felt him shrug, "A performance in two days" He said, "I havent made up my mind about another world tour yet"He added soflty. "I mean, i did one with Believe and My World and stuff" He said. "So i was thinking instead of doing a tour, i could arrange contest, where my fans would have to do different stuff for charity, and those cities who raised the most money or something, i could go there and have a free show or two or something like that. It isnt decided yet though" he said almost shyly. I had this stupid smile on my face, "Justin bieber you are amazing" I said. "I love the idea" I said honestly. "really?"He asked and i nodded, "yep!" I grinned and he chuckled, "thanks. I havent told Scooter about my idea yet though, i have to do some thinking first"He told me.


Next morning.


"Get up you lazy bum!" I shouted at Justin who just groaned and turned his head the other way. I glared at his back, "get up!" I said, throwing a pillow at him, "geez what do you want?!" He groaned, his voice muffled. "i want you to get up!"I said, "why?!" He said irritated, " because i made us breakfast" I said, making my voice sweet. He opened an eye, "what did you make?" He asked, suddently a bit more awake, "I made us toaast" I sang and he let out  a big breath, "fine..i´ll take a shower then i´ll be out" He mumbled and i grinned, making my way to the kitchen again.



@Victoriafrancis: Just had chocolate saus for pre-breakfast #IRegretNothing


And as normal, My mom responded. I swear she spends more time on twitter than what i do.


@KathFrancis:@victoriafrancis  Victoria Francis...!!!


@VictoriaFrancis; @kathfrancis Sorry mommy


I posted a textpost on tumblr; I swear my mom spends more time on twitter than what i do its creepy


I chuckled at the respons we got from fans, before i placed my phone at the table as Justin came from the bathroom, "hey slow poke" I teased and he rolled his eyes, sitting down next to me and grabbed his toast, "You have a huge shower" he said with half of his toast in his mouth, "I know"I laughed, looking at him weirdly. He just shrugged and continued eating. 

We were lucky with another beautiful day, so Justin and I decided to get some milkshakes or ice cream. We ended up at this cafe that I have never heard of before. I got a milkshake while Justin got himself an ice cream, a big one that is. "It´s not fair that you can eat whatever you want and not gain a pound" I said. Guys can literally eat whatever they want and still be skinny, while most girls have to workout a lot to keep being in shape its  not fair. Justin laughed, "babe, I jump around a lot, you know," He shrugged and i guess that was true, he does have a lot of energy 99% of the day. "I was thinking about what you said at Ellen" Justin said randomly, "the whole "what other people think of me is non of my business" " He said. "yeah..?" I said, not getting the point. "I dont was just interesting" He shrugged and i laughed, "okay then. I dont know, i just dont want to use energy on negative people" I shrugged a shoulder. "and anyways, no matter what i say or do, someone will always comment on it" I added. Its the same with Justin and any other celeberty, no matter what we do or say, someone will find a way to find the negative in it. "same" Justin grinned, "we should come here more often. The ice cream is great and its not a lot of people around" He said and i nodded, "Absolutely" I grinned.


JustinBieber: My milkshake bring all the girls to the yard


Justin was on his phone, and suddently he laughed, "you and your mom are hillarious on twitter"He laughed shaking his head. I rolled my eyes, pouting, "I swear, she gets my tweets sent to her phone or something!" I pouted and he laughed more, " she embarress me infront of the whole twitter!" I said my voice higher. " I know, thats whats so fun" Justin grinned widely and i glared at him, " I´ll get pattie to start with you " I said and he smirked, "do what you want baby, my fans will just think im cute anyways" He smirked slyly and i pouted again, "true" I sighed, "you could probably burp the most sickening burp ever, and some of your fans would go like "AW did you hear that? He just burped, how cute. He could burp in my face and i would love him even more" i made my voice weird and Justin started at me for a second before he burst out laughing, "the worst part is that its actually true" He laughed and i nodded, " I know!" I chuckled.


"ah, the paps are starting to show" Justin noted. "maybe if we leave now we wont have to call aiden to come closer" He added and i nodded, getting up, "leggo" I smirked, knowing that was something he use to say. He just laughed at me, grabbing my hand.



america´s sweetheart - part 35

I saw that the photo i just posted got a lot of notes, and people asked if it was Justin and I. I clicked on a blog, seeing it´s name was viccyandjustin. Curiously I went to it and noticed it was a blog dedicated to, well, mine and justins relationship. I smiled, biting my lip. That was really cute. I clicked on follow and scrolled down her blog, seeing photos of us together, and singles of justin and i.



At the Ellen show, things were going good. I got an warm welcoming, an overwhelming one actually. She had gone over the basic stuff. I told her I was doing good and that life was better now than before, and I told her that I have been travelling for two years with my brother.


"so you went travelling for two years?" Ellen asked, i nodded, "what about the other year?" She added,


"I´ve lived in North Carolina" I smiled, "I have an appartment there" I added.


"you were there for a whoe year? what did you do?" She asked, looking curious.


"Well, i have always had this dream to own a coffee shop, so i opened one and did that for a year" I laughed lightly.


"so you worked at your own café?" she clarified and i nodded. Ellen looked taken back, ,"thats something I´ve never heard before" She said,making me laugh. "how did you manage not to get recognized?" She asked,


"It was a small town" I shrugged, not going too much into it.


"okay, so now we have the answers to where you have been" Ellen said, "and now what im really wondering, is why you left? what made you leave?" She asked and i noticed how quiet it got around me,


"first i have to say that my fans has nothing to do with this. I owe them everything and i love them so much, and me leaving was never because of them or anything like that" i clarified.


"It will probably sound strange, and some will most likely call me ungrateful after this" I said. " But, growing up in the spotlight like i did,I never really got to have a say i was supposed to be like. So in a way, the person i was, was build by everyone else, in a way" I grimazed, trying to find the words to explain. "dont get me wrong or anything! i was really happy with who i was, who i am" I said, scared of what they will think. "So at one side i was living my dream, doing what i love, and on the other, i was struggeling to find my voice. I was 15, turing 16, and as everyone else at that age, i start to question things about myself and who i am, and it left me wondering" I continued, "I wasnt getting tired of acting, performing or anything, but i was getting tired of not, i guess. I sort of felt like a picture without a face" I said.


"so you were having a hard time being who everyone else wanted you to be, and who were thought you were?" Ellen asked,


"in a way, yes. Like, the person i was before i left, it was me, but at the same time it wasnt. As i got older i realized that what some of the people i worked with wanted me to be like, i couldnt. They wanted me to be like this, picture perfect girl who had everything, and that was hard, specially when im not perfect.  And as i realized this, it began this..Who am i, thingy" i talked with my hands alot. Its weird, i had all my answers ready before the show, but now i cant remember any of them.


"you know, I´ve looked around, and i dont think there is a day of your life that isnt documented" Ellen pointed out, and the audience looked suprised.


I gave a laugh, "yeah, something like that. I didnt know what a private life was until i left" I said honestly, "i actually have secrets now" I chuckled.


"you didnt have one before?"


"no, well, i didnt know how to separate my private life with my public life, i kind of didnt know the difference" I explained.


"so leaving, was for you the best option?" She asked.


"yeah, i think so. I´ve learned so much, not only about myself, but about others, the world and so many things. I know who i am now, and i know not to let anyone change it" I smiled and the audience clapped for me.


"thats good to hear, Viccy" Ellen nodded, making me laugh.


"so how did you keep yourself updated while you were gone?" ellen asked, and i knew that now we were done with the serious stuff, thank god.


"uh, i didnt" i laughed awkwardly. Ellen frowned at me,


"what?" She asked, looking overdramticly shocked.


"yeah, i kept away from all the gossip and rumours and stuff" I shrugged. "i was still on twitter, just not tweeting" I added, "but i didnt pay any attention to any of the gossip stuff" I said.


"wow" Ellen said suprised, "so for three years you have been missing out on a lot of stuff then" She said,


"i guess. Like, i know the good things, but i didnt pay attention to the gossp and rumours" I explained.


"i can give you an update then. what do you think of mileys hair?" She asked and i laughed,


"what? Her hair is beautiful" I said, not getting why she asked,


"she cut it" Ellen said and my brows raised,


"isnt it normal to cut your hair?" I asked and some laughed,


"sure, but she really cut it. Like Ellen-short cut it" She said.


"really? i havent seen that!" I said. Miley have such pretty hair.  A picture of her with blonde, short hair came up,


"no way, it looks so good!" I exclaimed, "I remember she told me once she wanted short hair!" I said, still looking at it. "It fits her" I grinned.


"she has gotten a lot of comments on it though" Ellen said.


"I dont get that, its just hair, hair on her head, not everyone elses. Why is that such a big deal?" I rolled my eyes. The media should focus more on real problems, not hair.


"I agree with you totatlly. Anyways, what about Kim K? shes pregnant" Ellen said and a picture of Kim came up.


"what! With who?!" I asked, shocked. My eyes were wide, and i probably looked stupid because they laughed at me,


"Kanye West" Ellen said


I gasped, "they´re dating?! since when?!" I said, my mouth now open. how come i didnt know this stuff?!


" a while now" Ellen shrugged, looking carefree.


"oh my god. What else have I missed? Next youre gonna tell me is that there will be another movie for Finding Nemo?"I joked, knowing that a sequel is coming, since Ellen is looking forward to it. They laughed,


"Oh thank god you knew that" ellen said, "if you didnt i would have felt sorry for you" She sighed.


" What else is new.., Justin bieber just released his new album" Ellen said casually,


"yeah, i have it on my Ipod. Its amazing" I said just as casual as Ellen did.


"I know right" She grinned.


"I asked the views to send in quesitons to you, and i picked out a few" Ellen told me and i nodded, "sounds cool"I said with an easy grin,


"Bella from Idaho asks; you´ve changed so much in your looks! what happened? By the way, you look good!" Ellen said. I laughed,


"uh..puberty, i guess?" I said awkwardly, making them laugh, "thank, by the way" I smiled,


"Tom, from Alaska asks; Who is your celeberty crush?" She read out loud,


"Ryan Gosling" I said right away without hesitation. Ellen raised her brows at me,


"you sure? you seemed a bit hesitant" She joked. I laughed and flushed.


"Mia from Florida asks; who´s your least favorite person?" She said and i frowned, "am i even aloud to answer that?" I asked, making them laugh.


"okay, i wont put a spotlight on one single person, but i dont like people who dont believe in that everyones equal" I said. Ellen looked curious, "like gay marriage and rights, for example" I said.


"well, i agree with you totally" Ellen said while nodding. I chuckled,


"we should just love everybody and jugde them by what car they drive, not over who they love" I said and the audience laughed and applaused me for my words. I just dont understand it at all, why care if someone loves someone with the same sex as them? It doesnt make a difference for you at all.


"That is the best thing ive heard in a while" ellen smiled.


"alright, Siri from Canada asks, Whats your favorite clothing that you own?"  I bit my lip and thought about it, then laughed,


"I have this shirt that says; Im sorry its just that i literally do not care at all.  I love that shirt" I said smiling wide. Ellen laughed along with the others.


"Eric from California asks, how is your social life going?"  Ellen said


"Im too lazy to have a social life" I said, shrugging my shoulder.


" Brian from Missouri asks, Will there be any new things coming from you any time soon?" ellen read.


"uh, no" I winced, "probably not in a while" I said.


"why not?" Ellen asked me, 


"well, i didnt want it to be like..Im back everyone! put me in every movie, make a new album, put me in every interview, put me  everywhere!" I made my voice weird, "I dont want that" I said, my voice normal again. "We can see it like this is a relationship, we´re taking it slooow" I grinned, moving my hand in a slow motion thing. They laughed at me.


She asked a few more questions, then we somehow ended up talking about my lunch date with my mom,


"okay so we were driving back home, and one of my favorite songs came on the radio and I was like, Mom turn it up I love this song! and she was like, but you have heard it a million times before, and then i was like, but its on the radio and mom just, So? , and i just, IT´S ON THE RADIO!" I said and the audience laughed.


"do you believe in soulmates?" Ellen asked me, folding her hands again.


"I think they exist, just not always romantically" I said, " I think there are certain people you will meet in your life who you just connect with more than anyone else and you just understand each other perfectly" I said after thinking for a few seconds.


"thats really interesting" Ellen said, "but do you know whats even more interesting?" She asked.


"" I said. Ellen nodded towards the screen, "this" She said and this picture came up.


 I looked down in my lap for some seconds, smiling to myself. I was most probably blushing by now.The audience wolfwhistled and clapped.


"I think i had a heartattact when i saw you two at the carpet" Ellen said and I heard the audience agreed. "I mean, I was just walking around you know, and suddently i heard, "VICTORIA JUSTIN" everywhere.and i was like, whaaat" She said making me laugh lightly, "I mean, it was so random. Justin had been away for some months for his album and stuff, and you had been away for years, and suddently out of nowhere, the two of you show up together at the AMAs, just like that" She said like she still couldnt believe it. I laughed through closed mouth.


"I was so shocked, i think im still in shock"She shook  her head, "both of you had been away from a while and you just show up" she said.


"yeah i guess it was  a bit..random.."I trailed off.


"i just, how, how did you even meet?!" She exclaimed.I chuckled,


"uh well, he worked in the same town as i did" I said and left it with that.


"that is so random" She said still finding it hard to believe,


"you two look amazin together though, and im guessing that you two have been together for a while" She said, "and i just cant get over how cute you two are" She said and this picture came up,


The audience screamed. Justin was shirtless in the picture, go figure.


I laughed embarressed,


"I chose this picture because he was shirtless" Ellen said seriously, "the fact that you two looked cute was just a coincidence" She shrugged making me laugh.


"He is your first boyfriend right?" Ellen asked, making me blush,


"uhm yeah" I said awkwardly, "It was so weird. i was so nervous! In the beginning i was like, am i even ready for this i have no idea what to do, i mean, how often does he have to be fed, do i need to walk him or?" I said with wide eyes. I said it seriously but it was ment as a joke so i hope no one thinks that this actually happened. They all laughed a lot though.


Ellen laughed too, " i can give you advice any time. just text me or something" She said with a easy grin,


"thanks ellen, ill remember that" I laughed.


"So how are you dealing with everything? I mean, there has been a lot of comments on both you being back and dating bieber" she said


"what other people think of me is non of my business" I said with a light shrug.


Ellen stared at me like she didnt believe that i just said those words. " wow" She ended up saying, "so you dont care?" She asked


"well ofcourse i care, i mean, i care what my fans think of me, and my family and friends, because they all matter to me. They mean everything to me and i want to be my best for them" I said honestly. There will always be haters and no one can change that, but the thing is, they dont matter.


"yeah, because there will always be hate, but the important thing is to focus on the ones who matters" ellen smiled and i nodded,


"alright well, we´re sadly running out of time, so Victoria, thank you so much for coming, its a pleasure to see you again and i wish only the best for your years to come, and im happy for you and justin" ellen said,


"thank you so much" I smiled honestly,


"at the end I´ll show you this picture of the new couple just because it is adorable" Ellen said,


 "you were great, im proud honey" my mom smiled and pulled me into a hug backstage of Ellen Show. I chuckled, "thanks mom" I smiled. I changed back to my other clothes so i wouldnt have to wear the dress, because honestly, i feel uncomfortable wearing dresses. When i got back, Ellen was there, "the interview was great" She smiled, "you´ve really grown a lot Victoria, thats obvious and i must say i feel proud of you" She said and i beamed, "thank you, Ellen. It really means a lot" I said really meaning it, "i think these last years have been good for you, and i really think these next ones will be even better. You will have to come back here when you come out with something new though!" She said sternly. I laughed, "promise" I grinned. "okay, i have to get back, but thank you again and next time you see bieber, tell him im mad at him for not telling me about the two of you!"She said as she walked. I laughed, " I will!" I laughed.


The security informed me that there was fans waiting outside behind security fences, so i asked if i could see them before we left, which i could. I stepped outside while my mom got into the car, and a guard was behind me. I heard them scream from the inside, but once i got out it got louder. I laughed once i saw them, "hi!" I grinned and walked over to one of the ends and started to sign and take picture. This is a part iv missed a lot, meeting my fans and see them happy. "how are you guys?" I asked loud and heard lots of answer at the same time. I just grinned, "thats good" I smiled, taking a picture.


"Victoria, we have to go. Its starting to come more" The security informed me. I nodded, taking a step back and waved, "bye, i love you!" I said and blew them a kiss as I followed the guard to the car. One inside, i took out my phone, seeing a text from Justin. - I saw the interview, you were great! you looked hot in that yellow dress ;) proud of you baby. A simple text, but it made me smile so damn wide. My mom saw this and rolled her eyes at me while smiling, probably guessing who i was texting. I texted him back and placed my phone back in my pocket, starting to talk to my mom instead.





america´s sweetheart - part 34

r, "Im doing good thanks" I smiled and heard the cardoor being open, and before I knew it we were in the car. I breathed out, "woah" I said and Justin chuckled, "im glad i dont have their job"He said and i nodded agreeing,  "where are we going?" Aiden asked us. I looked at Justin and he shrugged, "my place?" He offered and i nodded. 



@victoriafrancis: ultimate sign of trust is me handing you my laptop or phone without hesitation

@victoriafrancis: Pringles is approved as breakfast, right?


I laughed out loud when my mom replied to my tweet;


@kathfrancis: NO. you sound like your dad, go get some real food



 I smirked to myself, grabbing a handfull of pringles and put them in my mouth, taking a picture of myself and posted it on twitter back to my mom. I snickered, pringles is an okay breakfast. I read through some of my replies, but suprisingly they wouldnt stop coming new ones, so it was hard to keep up. I got a text from Justin, 


Hey baby, im outside in ten minutes, get ready and bring a bikini or badingsuit or whatever you use! see you soon


I smiled widely, getting up quickly. The weather was fantastic today, so no suprise if we´re going to the beach. I got my bigger purse, putting a bikini and towel in it, along with my wallet and other things that can come in handy.I took a picture of my outfit and posted it on my tumblr. Tumblr is a fantastic thing really.


A security guard met me by the door, and I realized why once I noticed the paparazzi outside. I smiled as I stept outside, and it didnt take long until I was inside the car, "hey!" I grinned and pecking Justins lips quickly. "hello. You´re in a good mood" Justin said amused and I grinned, "why of course. Its a beautiful day" I smirked and he chuckled, linking his hand with mine. "I was thinking we could get something to eat" He said and I nodded, "sounds great. I havent eaten since breakfast" I said, placing my hand over my stomach. Justin laughed, "good. What do you want?" He asked. "uh.."I thought over the options, "subway?" I suggested with a shrug and he nodded, "you heard her, Jason?" Justin asked to the driver whos name was Jason apperiantely. "I did. The closest one or?" He asked, looking at Justin through the frontmirror. "yeah, thats good. thanks" He said.


"I love subway" Justin groaned as he practicallyate half in one bite. I watched him amused, Im a very slow eater, and he´s almost finished already. We were sitting by a table in the subwaystation, and a securityguard was near by. And probably another one too, in case something happens and whatnot. I shook my head at Justin, boys will be boys. I sipped my drink and took another bite, enjoying the good taste of it.


Justin ended up bying himself another sub while i wasnt finished with my first one yet. "how can you eat it so fast?" I asked amused and he looked at me weirdly "how can you eat so slow?seriously" He exclaimed and i rolled my eyes, "Im ejoying my food thank you very much. I dont have to swallow it whole" I smirked and he snorted, "more like suffering it. You havent eaten your first one yet and im halfway done with my second" He said and i chuckled, "whatever. continue hawling your food and ill continue eating mine" I chuckled and he grinned, taking another huge bite. After a little while we both were full.


"woah, slow down there" We heard the security guard say sternly. "please, please! let me please!" Someone practically begged. I turned my head and saw the guard holding back a few girls and a boy. when they saw that both me and Jusitn looked at them they screamed. woah. My brows raised as the guard looked back at us. "wanna meet your fans?" i turned back to justin who smirked at me. He means his fans, sure. I nodded dumbly and we both got up and stept to the fans. They talked loudly and exitidely when they saw us coming closer, i chuckled, "hey" Justin and i said at the same time, which made me chuckle more. "omg" I heard someone say over and over. "can we get a picture?" they asked. "sure" I smiled as Justin nodded. We talked a bit and took pictures with them, and one of them couldnt stop saying "oh my god", i almost laughed at it. "bye guys" I smiled and waved at them, and Justin grabbed my hand as we walked out. 


"Its such a beautiful day" I murmured as we walked, ignoring the paparazzi who suprisingly kept their distance. They probably knew that if they came too close, we would get away. "It is" Justin agreed.



 "I have a concert tomorrow night" Justin said as we walked hand in hand. I looked up at him, "where?" I asked curious, " late night with jimmy fallon"he smirked. "wanna come?" He asked and i nodded, "sure. i havent seen you perform yet" I said. "youre right!" He gasped, "what song?" i asked, " As long as you love me" He shrugged and i nodded, " i like that song" I grinned and he chuckled, "thank you. im glad" He said. "beach?" Justin suggested and i nodded.


"the water is still cold" I mumbled, "I wanna swim" I sighed and looked longingly at the water. Justin laughed, draping his hand over my shoulders as we walked, "then swim" He grinned, pecking the side of my head, making me smile warmly, "I just said the water was cold" I teased and he rolled his eyes, "wimp" He coughed and i hit his chest weakly, "just wait til it gets a bit warmer, and ill drown you" I said, "yeah sure baby, you can try" He grinned and flexed me his muscles, which looked very attractive by the way. I laughed and wrapped my arm around his waist. Justin stopped walking and wrapped his arms around me, smiling down at me. I grinnned up at him, "what?" I asked with laughter in my voice. He shook his head, "nothing" he kissed me, "Im just happy that youre here now and not in southport" He murmured, kissing me again. I smiled, "me too. thanks for making me realize what i have here" I said and he laughed, "you would have come back sooner or later" He said surley. I smiled, leaning up and pressed my lips harder to his. Justin hummed, "i like kissing you. your lips are really soft" He mumbled. I felt those silly tingles in my body again, "ditto"I grinned and he laughed, kissing me and cupping my face with his hands. 


  As the day went, we were only stopped by a few fans, and to be honest i dont mind at all. If i were to randomly see someone i was a fan of at the beach, i would go over as well. Justin actually tried to push me into the water at one point, and that wasnt all that fun. The water is COLD. Im not a big fan of cold water. Anyways, we found a quiet private place as it got later, and laid down in the sand next to each other. I was laying on mt stomach while justin laid on his back. "I love the beach" i murmured. Justin played with the sand, " me too. sometimes" He smiled. "I have my interview in a few days" I said, remembering that Lynn called me. Justins brows raised, "really? exited? nervous?" He asked curiously. "everything" I chuckled, "I dont know, its just been a while since last time" I shrugged lightly, resting my head in the palm of my hand, "Mostly nervous about what kind of reaction i will get afterwards" I said and Justin nodded, "I can see that one" Justin said, "but i think it will go pretty great" He smirked. I giggled, "I hope so"I smiled. "I leave tomorrow night for some interviews in New York though. Wont be back for some days, I forgot how long Scooter said we´ll stay there" Justin said, "so i cant be there at your interview. But I´ll watch" He grinned. "thats okay" I smiled. I would be more nervous if Justin was backstage, but i wont tell him that. The sun was setting, and it was beautiful. "lets take a picture" I grinned and took a photo of us.



I was back home after a lovely night with Justin. He can be so sweet sometimes, its like my heart melts or something. I uploaded the photo of us on my tumblr, then my instagram.




I went to my freezer and pulled out some ice cream, eating with my scrolling through tumblr. My brows creased when I saw multiply photos of Justin and I from the beach today, and from when we ate. I shrugged to myself, paparazzi. "omg their so cute" I smiled at that comment. I saw that the photo i just posted got a lot of notes, and people asked if it was Justin and I. I clicked on a blog, seeing it´s name was viccyandjustin. Curiously I went to it and noticed it was a blog dedicated to, well, mine and justins relationship. I smiled, biting my lip. That was really cute. I clicked on follow and scrolled down her blog, seeing photos of us together, and singles of justin and i.


@Victoriafrancis: Im gonna be on @TheEllenShow soon. Sounds like a party to me

@VictoraFrancis: But seriously, tune in and watch





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america´s sweetheart - part 33

She told me what she and Lynn talked about, and i thought it sounded good. "we wont make a big deal out of our relationship" I shrugged, "we´re together and thats it. our relationship is about us, not everyone else" I smiled softly. Viccy nodded, "yeah, sounds good."She chuckled.




@Ibiebersskid: look at the way justins is looking at her you can just tell hes inlove (pic)






A new day, a new day to eat more. Justin made me try sushi last night, and I have to say, it tastes as bad as it sounds. Raw fish? No thank you! I barley like fish when it´s cooked, why would I eat it raw? Justin ended up eating both mine and his plate, while I ordered a small pizza for myself. I was meeting my mom at this café, so I was on my way there.  A bodyguard was walking with me, but I dont know the guy yet so we dont really talk. His name is Aiden and hes huuuge. Like muscle huge, not..fat huge. He seems like a chill guy though.



Some paparazzi was following, it wasnt that many right now, but im guessing it will come more after some minutes. "Victoria! how are you?!" someone shouted, "Im good! thanks" I smiled while walking. "Are you meeting Justin?!" ,  I chuckled, "no" I said and noticed that the Café was close by. "is the reason you left that you were pregnant?" another one asked. I made a weird face in the direction to who asked the question. "oh my god victoria!" I snapped my head up, smiling when i saw some people running over to me. Aiden got into working mode and stood close by my side as I stopped for my fans. "hi!" I smiled and my eyes widened as this girl suddently threw her arms around my neck. I chuckled and hugged her back, "how are you?" I asked as Aiden carefully got her off me. Aw she was crying. "you´re here!" She sobbed, drying her tears. I was smiling in disbelief, "and you´re here!" I said and her eyes widenes, "you´re right! Im here! with you!" She cried again and i was lost, what was i supposed to do. I did my best to calm her down, so she wasnt crying, and then we took a picture, and i also took a picture and talked a little to the others who were standing around, Aiden helped me to get out of the small crowd. that was suprising. 


My mom was not so suprisingly already at the cafe. we were sitting in the back. "i havent told you yet but you looked gorgeous at the AMAs" She smiled fondly and i chuckled, "thanks mom. i barley saw you and dad there though?" I questioned. "yah, we met up with some friends before the after party" She shrugged off and i rolled my eyes, "not suprised" I said and drank my chocolate drink.  "And i also forgot to ask, how do you feel about everything? overwhelmning?" She asked, munching on her muffin. I shrugged lightly, "I dont know. its just weird to think about. I spent three years away from everything, and suddenly its all right infront of me" I said, 


"yeah..things will calm down, they always do" Mom assured me. I nodded and smiled, "anyways, hows justin?" She smiled fondly and i chuckled, "hes good, good" I grinned, "I texted him congratz on his award" Mom noted and i started to wonder how she even had his number. "we should all go out for dinner soon! everyone, his crew and all! the more the better!" She grinned and i could just see all of her plans starting in the crazy brain of hers. "sure, that would be cool. I´ll mention it to him" I said and she nodded fast, grinning. "awesome. So tell me about the two of you. What has been going in in your lives since last time?" She folded her hands together and beamed at me. Wow what made her so happy today? Shes been grinning since i saw her.


"we´re really good mom. We agreed on that our relationship is ours, not everyone elses, so we´ll just..i dont know, keep doing what we do" I shrugged a shoulder lightly, " well i totally agree with you on that, but ofcourse your relationship is a little  of my business too, right? I mean, im your mom and stuff, so i should know some things right?" Mom gave me a serious and innocent look and i rolled my eyes at her, "ofcourse mom, its a little of your business too" I shook my head as she beamed happily, "anyways, you know what Jada told me?" mom smirked and i raised an brow, " she thinks that Jade and Kylie Jenner are dating" She smirked and i gasped, "no way!  my little jaden has a girlfriend?"I grinned, leaning back in my chair, "how sweet" I said smiling. "i know right?" she grinned. 


@kathfrancis: Lunchdate with @victoriafrancis . Im still cooler than her by the way (pic)


 I rolled my eyes, "very mature mom" I said and she just shrugged, placing her phone in her purse again, "its just the truth sweetie, dont be upset" She smirked and i chuckled, shaking my head. 




a few days later



Life´s good. Justin and I have just been out for dinner, and were about to get up and leave the resturant when Aiden told us no. "The paparazzi is outside. Its not safe yet" He said sternly. Well shit. "we´ll have to wait for the police, and they´ll get them out of the way. Then we can get you to the cars" He informed us. "what about the backdoor?" Justin asked. Aiden shook his head, "we havent secured that area, and it will take just as long to do that as it will for the police to come, so we´ll wait" He said and i nodded, accepting the fact. "exuse me, waiter?" I asked as one of the waiters walked by, "yes, miss?" She asked, "Can i please get another glass of sprite?" I smiled and she nodded, "ofcourse. Be right there" She said professionally. Justin looked at me amused, "what? Im thirsty" I said and ge chuckled, placing his hand on top of mine which was laying on the table, "you´re cute" He mumbled, smiling. I made  a weird grimaze at him and he laughed, "charming" He teased and i grinned, " i know right"  i said and the waiter came back with my sprite, "thanks" I smiled and she nodded politey before leaving again, "they´re so polite here" I said impressed and Justin nodded agreeing.  


"We´re ready to go now" Aiden came back. We got up and Justin grabbed my hand, pulling me into his side behind him as we walked out the door, and Aiden was on our side, shielding us from the cameras.








I heard Justin laugh, "I dont know, what does it looks like?" He said, his tone mocking and i bit my lip from laughing. Why question the obvious. Justin turned his head and looked at me, grinning. "hurry babe" He said and pulled my hand so I walked a bit faster. The walk to the waitning car wasnt long, but the paparazzi made it harder than it had to be. " Victoria how are you doing?!" Someone called out. I kept looking down, focusing on mine and justins hands clamped together, "Im doing good thanks" I smiled and heard the cardoor being open, and before I knew it we were in the car. I breathed out, "woah" I said and Justin chuckled, "im glad i dont have their job"He said and i nodded agreeing,  "where are we going?" Aiden asked us. I looked at Justin and he shrugged, "my place?" He offered and i nodded. 






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america´s sweetheart - part 32

"did you have fun?" Justin asked. I nodded, smiling wide, "I did" I said and he chuckled, "So it wasnt that scary? you dont regret it?" He asked gently and i shook my head, "I dont regret it, but it was scary in the beginning. I was nervous, but i dont regret coming here with you" I smiled and he beamed, kissing my cheek as we walked, " love you" He whispered after kissing my cheek. I grinned, "i love you too".  "













" Victoria francis, also known as Americas sweetheart, showed up at the AMAs last night after being gone for over three years...-"

"America´s sweetheart shocked the world last night when she showed up at the....-"

"breaking news! Justin Bieber showed up last night at the AMAs, but not alone! By his side was no other than the long lost star, Victoria Francis!"

"She shows up after three years, walking the red carpet with teenhearthrob Justin Bieber-"

"Victoria Francis! Shes back everybody!"

"....- She looks stunning! three years did her well, America´s sweetheart everyone!  we have asked our views what they think about Victoria coming back, and we-"

" wow. Just wow. everyones seen the pictures from the carpet right? So beautiful and shes-"

" ...- DATING Justin bieber?! The two of them showed up together, holding hands! We dont know about you guys, but they look like a couple to us!"

" This is huge. Victoria shows up randomly after three years. not a single photo, a word, a tweet or anything, and she shows up at the AMA´s holding hands with Justin Bieber. That is huge."

"America´s sweetheart! The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. if you go to our website, you can see the first photos of her bein bac-"





- WTF is happening here my feelings are too much i need more photos of her

- god dammit she looks good how is that even fair i need her to tweet or something okay


- she was gone for three years without a single fucking word and now shes randomly back dating justin bieber?


- She looks stunning omg i im so happy right now

- she looks hot


- i need something okay a tweet or a video just ANYTHING

- omg she cant just show up after three years and NOT SAY ANYTHING AFTER

- she better tweet soon!!! she cant just show up and expect everyone to be calm about it she has to do something say something!





Victoria´s Pov.


It was the next day, and I slept amazing. I had a bit trouble falling a sleep at first because of all my thoughts about the previous night, but when i fell a sleep i slept so good. I spent the night with Justin, so as normal, he used over half of the bed, laying almost on top of me. Im actually getting used to it by now so it wasnt that bad, just warm. Justin woke up eariler than me, because the bed was empty as i woke up. I put on one of his bigger sweatshirts and just a pair of basketball shorts before walking my way through his house and to the kitchen. He was sitting by the kitchen island on the stool, eating cereal. His mac was infront of him and he looked like he was reading something, i dont know.


"good morning" I smiled and his head snapped out. Some milk was running down his chin as he grinned at me, "morning babe" He said with his mouth full of cereal. I rolled my eyes, chuckling. He was a guy after all. I walked to the cabinets and grabbed a bowl, making cereal for myself too. "uh i was supposed to make breakfast for us, but i overslept and got too lazy"Jusitn said sheepeshly. I laughed, "I love cereal" I said honestly and sat down across from him. I looked around, my eyes narrowing, "why do you have my phone?" I asked him suspisicously. he smiled innocently. Too innocently.. I quickly grabbed it and tried to figure out what he did to it, but i didnt see anything un normal. I frowned, glancing at him. He grinned. "check twitter" he said.  I narrowed my eyes at him, pressing the Twitter icon. Then i saw it. I sqeesed me eyes shot. "really justin?" I said and he grinned, laughing.


@Victoriafrancis: @justinbieber youre my swag idol seriously. too much swag for me to handle


"so modest" I said sarcastically,


@victoriafrancis: My first tweet since forever and it´s a hacked one #awkward

@victoriafrancis: i was on a trip, got lost, and it took some time to find my way back



I finished my cereal and put the bowl in the dishwasher. I walked over to Justin who turned to me on his stool. i stood between his feet and he put his hands on my hips, occasionally running circles with his thumb. He was just looking up at me, seeing as i was standing and he was sitting, he was shorter now. "What are your plans for today?" He asked me, taking my hands in his. "whatever you´re doing i guess" I shrugged lightly. He smirked, "i feel special" He smirked and i rolled my eyes, "I dont really have anything planned until..i dont know, some time. Im just here you know"I said and he chuckled, "Just here?" He said, kissing my hand. "well, im very happy youre "just here" " He smiled. "I am too" I sighed happily. "We can have lunch together" Justin suggested, "but after lunch i have an interview, then im meeting up with Scooter. Didnt Lynn say something about talking to you?" He asked. "right!" I exclaimed, "I forgot" I smiled small, "I´ll meet up with her then" I added and Justin smiled, pulling me closer to him.




Later that day, I was at my appartment and Lynn came some minutes ago. She hugged me tightly for a  while, saying she loved me and she was so happy i chose to come back. It was a sweet moment to be honest.


Now we were just sitting in the couch, well myself in the couch eating cookies, while Lynn was sitting in the chair, her mac on the table, and her notebook and pen. She was ready to work. "alright, obviously we need to get some things cleared out. My phone has been ringing non stop, so has your parents" She huffed and i rolled my eyes playfully, "anyways, i start with this. Knowing you, you probably havent payed attention to the world freaking out over last night, so im here to say; the world is freaking out about last night. you pretty much shocked the entire world, i would say. Anyways, since you and justin in a way confirmed your relationship last night, there is an almost houndred prosent chance that it will be drama, but that is a case for another time. My point in all of this; you´re back, and people are curious. We need to find a way to calm things down. So my question do you want to do this? " She said and i nodded slowly, thinking.


"I dont want to make things a big deal. I dont want to be like, yay im back, put me in every interview, ever magazin cover, every event, look at me, im back" I said, making my voice weird. Lynn laughed, "I dont want that, that will look so wrong and i dont want all of that attention" I said and Lynn nodded. "I understand. I´ve already said no to pretty much everyone who has asked for an interview so far" She added. "But you have to do and interview in not too long. They want answers too. So while you dont want to just come back and be everywhere, you cant just come back and thats it." She said and i sighing nodding, i guess i couldnt just do that, that wouldnt be fair. " what about this. You have already come out with your relatinship with Justin, so it wont be weird if you gets seen with him. you dont have to hide with him, its more up to the two of you to figure out how much you want people to know about you. Ofcourse me and scooter will let you know if you need to lay low or something" she said, " So you can just act normal whenever you´re out. meet fans, meet friends, go out with justin, with your family. just act normal, and I´ll scedule a interview for you soon. Anyone particular you want to go to? Im sure i can get you in anyone" seh grinned and i chuckled, " I promised Ellen i would come to her show first the next time something big would happen, right? i think she thinks of this like something big" I shrugged. Lynn laughed and nodded, "I´ll be sure to do that" She smiled.


"alright, now we have that part straight" She said with a statistified nod. "now, what are your thoughts about the music and acting and everything?" She asked. I bit my lip and frowned, "I dont want to..just come back and start working as nothing has happened. I was gone for three years, my fans have changed, and i have changed. they might not even like my new stuff.  I dont think i want to do any business in a while. I want to get used to just being here again, get to know my fans and they get to know me" I said finally and Lynn beamed, "you´ve really grown Viccy" She said and i chuckled, "guess i have" I smiled. "I respect that,that you dont want to start yet. Totatly understandeble, and smart too" She smiled. "I have music written though" I noted and Lynn rolled her eyes, "ofcourse. You love music, theres no way you would have gone three years without making anything. I would love to hear or read your lyrics though" She said and i nodded, "I´ll give you some of them" I said. A lot of the song I´ve written is very personal, and i dont want anyone to read or hear them just yet. Maybe in the future, but now for now.


And hour later, Lynn had to go, "I´ll call you soon" She smiled, "And by the way, im really happy for you and justin. I saw the photos of last night, you two go good together" She grinned. I beamed, "thank you" I smiled.





The meeting with Scooter was light. He just had to update me about some stuff, and as normal, we ended up just talking. I really like talking to Scooter, anyone does. We also talked about my relationship with Viccy. If there is something I´ve learned from my last relationship with Selena, it is that i dont want to hide. Its not like im going to throw it in my fans faces that im dating, but im not going to try and hide what i feel for Victoria. There will be haters, ofcourse, but someone will always hate, thats is just the way it is. My fans will want me to be happy, and i am really really happy right now. I dont want to hide, and i have a feeling that Victoria wont want to hide anymore either. Im more grown up now, I´ve learned from my last relationship, which was a good one by the way, selena was my first love, and i know more now. I know more about handeling situations that can be tough. I know more about love, and i cant wait to learn even more with Victoria.


Victoria texted me, and I was to meet her just now. A car stopped outside and i walked out, meeting her. She grinned exitidly, holding up a cup of starbucks something. "do you have any idea how long it is since ive had this?" She said, holding up the cup and pointing to it with her other hand. I laughed, pulling her to me kissing her cheek. "let´s go inside" I said.


She told me what she and Lynn talked about, and i thought it sounded good. "we wont make a big deal out of our relationship" I shrugged, "we´re together and thats it. our relationship is about us, not everyone else" I smiled softly. Viccy nodded, "yeah, sounds good."She chuckled.




america´s sweetheart - part 31

"you can, tomorrow or something. Just say hi or something" Lynn shrugged. Vic smirked, "I know what im gonna tweet" She smirked and i bet it would be something completely random.



It was the day for the AMA´s, and cant lie and say im not nervous, because i am. I was just relaxing at home, my dad called a few minutes ago and told me that he and mom would also be at the AMA´s, to support both me and Justin. I was scrolling through my tumblr, smiling small when I saw posts about my twitter account. I changed my profilepic eariler this morning, and i really didnt think it would be such a big deal. The last one i had, i was 15, so it was time for a new one. My fans were funny, they can have that. Justin would pick me up in a car, with a driver, so we would arrive at the same time. We walk in at the backside though, before going to the carpet place.  I clicked on a Textpost on tumblr and wrote, "big day today goodluck viccy".


I was done showering and drying my hair. I walked to my closet and grabbed the dress I was to use, I smiled. It was beautiful. It was mintgreen and went very well along with my hair. AMA´s is a big and important awardshow, so it is okay to dress up for it. Justin was going to use a suit, and i cant wait to see him in it, probably sexy as hell.



 I was sitting in the car with Justin, and my hands were shaking. "Babe, calm down. It´ll be okay" Justin soothed me. I gave him a small smile, "Yeah" I breathed out, taking a deep breath. "you look gorgeous" He smiled, kissing my cheek. I probably blushed, i wouldnt know because i was so warm anyways. I knew that Pattie and Alfredo would be there as well, and my parents, but i didnt know of anyone else. "what are you nervous about?" He asked. I pursed my lips, "Just.. I dont know, everything" I laughed lightly, "maybe if people will hate me?" I said feeling small. "they wont. And besides, everyone has haters, cant do anything about that fact" He said with a shrug. True my friend, very true. 



"okay" I whispered to myself. I was standing alone trying to calm myself. Which was weird, because i have no idea why i was nervous. "okay" I whispered again. Justin was doing his small interviews, so i was left all by myself. Alone. With people i dont know. "Vic, ready?" Justin was at my side. I gave a nod and grabbed his hand, lacing our fingers together. Justin smiled, kissing me once, before leading us to the start of the carpet, "and you´re up" The lady with a clipboard said with a exited smile. 





"Justin! look here!" "Justin, who´s the girl?". The yellings got louder as Justin Bieber and the unfamiliar, yet familiar, girl by his side stept onto the carpet. Justin smiled widely, holding the girls hand tightly in his, and the girl smiled relaxed. "who is that?" "" "Victoria!" "Justin! left please!" "victoria francis?!" "Francis? Victoria?!"  The exitment just got louder and louder"Justin´s holding hands with a girl!"  , "Victoria!Victoria!". They called her name like crazy, both hers and Justin. The cameras went off like a tornado, the press deffiantly would have a good time with this.  "it is victoria! finally! i love you! love you!" "oh my god" "what the hell" "I LOVE YOU VICTORIA I LOVE YOU"  "seriously, what is going on. victoria?" "I KNEW IT! I knew she would come back! ha!"  "im crying.crying ." "this is sick" "omg im so happy I LOVE YOU"





I chuckled quielty to myself. I knew this would spike things up a bit. the shouts were so loud it was close to ringing in my ears. I looked down at the gorgeous girls besides me and smiled amused. She didnt even look affected. Either she didnt notice all the screams, or she just didnt care. "It´s America´s sweetheart!" someone shouted and the murmurs, or shouts i guess, was ringing in my ears by now. This was crazy, seriously crazy. I let my eyes drift around the place and saw that most people were looking this way, trying to figure out what all the fuzz was about. I looked down at Victoria again as she looked at me. She gave me her beautiful wide smile, and i couldnt help but to smile back. Squeezing her hand gently once, I led her a few steps over and placed my hand around her waist. I was in a way ignoring their demands on where to look and just focused on where Vic was looking so I looked the same way as her. 


"well someones happy to see you" I leaned down and whispered to her, motioning over where people were screaming and pushing each other, trying to see. She looked over and grinned, chuckling. "crazy people" She said and i nodded agreeing, kissing her cheek before taking a few steps over again.




Walking the carpet again was a weird feeling and i felt a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but justin being by my side made it much better. At the start, people didnt really reconginze me so it was really weird, but then i just heard my name everywhere and it was crazy. We were done with the carpet now though, yessss. Justin and I were holding hands, mingling around waiting for someone to tell us where to go. I dont remember having to do this earlier but thats just me i guess. We were walking slowly arond, "VICTORIA!JUSTIN" both me and justin turned our heads and saw fans behind the security fences waving and shouthing like crazy. I grinned and waved back, same as justin. "come on, lets go" Justin smiled gently and tugged on my arm.


We found our seats, and luckily Fredo was sitting next to Justin, so that when Justin would go in stage or something, I wouldnt be all alone. My dad texted me saying he heard my name being shouted from all over the place, which i found hard to believe because dad has a tendens to drag things further then what they really are. but anyways, he and mom are here too. "Im kind of nervous"Justin admitted quietly as most people were in their seats. I looked at him, smiling small, "i would be too" I chuckled and he rolled his eyes at my not so comforting words. I grinned and pecked his lips once.


I mostly sat in my seat for the night, enjoying the show, which was amazing by the way. Justin won his award, suprise suprise, and i felt really proud. Will and jaden came over at some point for a chat, and Demi Lovato did that as well. I didnt know Demi that much from before, we´ve met a few times, but she was so sweet. She jsut came over and told me how she was happy to see that im back and that she was a fan and that she would like to meet up again. It was a bit weird for me because i was a bit taken back, but I told her that Lynn would contact her seeing as I have no idea on what will happen fom now on. 


"so how is it being here?" Fredo asked me as Justin as sitting some other place i dont know. "i dont know yet" I chuckled, "feels weird but not too different" I shrugged. It´s not a big deal and i dont want it to be either. "I was walking from backstage and here and i heard your name everywhere" He laughed with a shake of his head, "they were like; victoria francis, shes here" He mimicked and i laughed. Adam Sandler was on stage at the moment. I met him when i was 15. "adam gave me his hat when i met him" I said and Alfredo raised his brows, "really? lucky. He´s awesome" He grinned and i agreed, " And lastly, Victoria, I see you over there, and i hope you still have my hat i gave you those years ago because it was my favorite one" He said, making me and the rest of the people laugh. I grinned and gave him thumbs up as he looked my way. Alfredo laughed next to me, bumping my side with his elbow, "dude, that was awesome" He grinned. Justin was back next to me and i grinned at him, " I met beyonce" He smirked widely and i laughed. He looked so statistified. "congratz. life made?" I grinned teasingly and he nodded fastly, "yep!" He grinned, kissing my cheek.



 Justin and I was walking outside of the arena, on our way to the car which would take us back to Justin´s place. Two bodyguards were with us, because there was  alot of people around even though we were walking on the backside. Justin held my hand firmly but gently, squeezing it a little every now and then. It made me smile even though it sounds weird. "did you have fun?" Justin asked. I nodded, smiling wide, "I did" I said and he chuckled, "So it wasnt that scary? you dont regret it?" He asked gently and i shook my head, "I dont regret it, but it was scary in the beginning. I was nervous, but i dont regret coming here with you" I smiled and he beamed, kissing my cheek as we walked, " love you" He whispered after kissing my cheek. I grinned, "i love you too". 






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america´s sweetheart - part 30

"yep" I nodded, "he moved back there, you know. had to now that he has his album out and all" I said and closed my eyes briefly as a gust of wind hit me, "right...and how is that fact going for you guys?" She asked, "I dont know" I said, looking forward, "oh honey, I´m sure it will be okay" She soothed. I smiled, "I know it will" I said, "Hey mom?" I asked, "hm?" She said. "My house isnt sold, right? And no ones living there now? you know, rented it or something?" I asked, "uh, no. It´s yours, why would we sell it?"she chuckled, "why do you ask?" She asked. I grinned, "I´m moving home"



"Baby!" I heard seconds before a pair of arms wrapped themselfs tightly around me. I grinned and hugged him back. "we have to go quick" He muttered into the hug and grabbed my arm, making us run fast out of LAX. A car was waiting right outside and someone opened the door, and faster than i could say "what", we were inside the car and Justin was kissing me. Well this was a welcome i could get used to. Justin pulled back smiling widely, "I love you" He pressed his lips to mine again, "and you´re here." He added. I was probably smiling like a fool. I was here, in LA. I was here, with Justin. I was back, weird huh?


My mom  was shrieking when I said I was moving back, and when I told Justin, let´s just say it was all a big happy moment. It was a few days ago since I told them I was moving back. My clothes and stuff were in my house slash appartment here in LA, and I was exited to live there again, the place is amazing. "I´m here" I grinned, still finding it weird. "you made the right choice, trust me"He grinned, holding my hand. "we´re going straight to your place, that cool?"He asked and i nodded, "sure" I grinned, thightning my hold on his hand.





Well I can easily say that Im one happy Justin. the reason why is obvious, and it feels like i cant stop smiling. My fans loves my album, it has gotten great critic, and my girlfriend is here with me, and here to stay. So yes, life is overly good at the moment. "here we are" Victorias soft voice said and i looked out the window at the car. We was outside a huuuge appartment complex. "The elevator ride will take a few minutes" She grimazed. I breathed out, great.


After five minutes, yes, the ride took five minutes, we were finally at top. She stood outside her door and looked at me over her shoulder exitidely before locking it open. "holy shit" I muttered as i looked around. Well this was somthing. Victoria grinned and walked around, "awesome, right?" She grinned and i nodded, gaping.

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"I love it here" She smiled after giving me a tour of the place. "I can see why" I said, still in awe of everything. "it´s very you" I smiled. The place was seriously awesome. It was fancy colors, modern furniture and it was just so dope. Victoria chuckled, "I bought it when i was..15 maybe? I never spent that much time here though, but.."she trailed off shrugging. I nodded, "well, now you can" I grinned and pulled her into me. Victora laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck, smiling brightly at me, "yeah. It took me some time to decided though. Now i can see that it wasnt really a choise" She said and i chuckled, "That doesnt matter, you´re here now" I smiled, pecking her lips, "true" She grinned, "I´m nervous though" She grimazed. I smiled softly, "I mean, i havent..shown? myself for three years, and then just suddently out of nowhere, i show up at the American music awards with Justin Bieber" She said and i chuckled, she had a point. Then i froze, "wait, what? With me?" I asked half confused half shocked. She looked at me weird, "yes?" She said slowly, "you mean the red carpet?" I asked again in disbelief. She frowned at me, "yes? Didnt you say that?" She asked confused, looking lost. How cute, "i, well, kind of, but i only ment that you could just be here with me, not that you had to be with me at the awards! God, i would never make you do that" I said shaking my head. She looked at me for some seconds, "Well damn" She chuckled, "well now I have already made up my mind, i have to go now" She said and i nodded, "of course! If you want to, I´ll be more than happy" I grinned and she chuckled, "Good" She smiled.
Victoria and I met up with Scooter and Lynn, Victorias manager, the next day. Apperiantly they had to make sure we didnt do anything stupid or something. We met them at my house, "alright, Victoria, very good to see you again" Scooter smiled, "I must say I got very very happy when I heard that you wanted to come back"He grinned and i  rolled my eyes, chuckling quietly. Victoria grinned and gave him thumbs up. Lynn saw this and also rolled her eyes at her, but smiling ofcourse. "Okay, you´re walking the carpet together, so that is all planned. Victoria, you said you didnt want to make it a big deal" Lynn said. even though it is a big deal, I added in my head, "so you two are just simply going there together. No interviews, Justin, you have a few before the carpet, but that is alone" She continued and i nodded to show i was listening, "and then you just go to your seats, or talk to people of you want ofcourse"she smiled. "nice" Victoria grinned randomly. I chuckled.
"you know what i tweeted?" Lynn smirked at us later when we were done going through the plans. I raised my brows, " "lol you guys are gonna be so shocked" "She smirked and i laughed while Victoria dropped her head, "I wanna tweet" She said pouting slightly. "you can, tomorrow or something. Just say hi or something" Lynn shrugged. Vic smirked, "I know what im gonna tweet" She smirked and i bet it would be something completely random.
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america´s sweetheart - part 29

She looked down at me, "I´m awesome" She smirked. I chuckled, "good" I grinned, "according to the faces of your fans, I would say that your album is pretty great" Vic smiled at me and I grinned, "They told me" I chuckled, "I´m happy they like it" I said and Victoria rolled her eyes, "love it" She said, "like I love you" She added cutely and I grinned, leaning my head up and she met me half way into a sweet small kiss. "I love you too babe" I smiled.




I was back in Southport, without Justin. I left a few days ago, he, ofcourse, couldn´t leave now that he had released his album. And the really shitty part? He wont be coming back either. So right now we´re a six hour planeride away from each other, and I dont like it one bit. Justin is really busy, all these interviews and apperiences everywhere, performing his album and stuff. And that means that we dont talk much, which really sucks. 


Mostly I spend my days working, just like before I met Justin. I wake up, go to work, then back home. Fun fun fun. Before i met Justin, I wouldnt have minded spending my days like this. Just working and stuff, but now I feel like there is so much more out there for me. "you know, you look really depressed" Sara noted with her eyebrow lifted. I smiled, "I´m not. Just a lot on my mind" I responded and she nodded slowly, "sure.." She said. "okay Im just gonna say this straight out. If you want to leave, leave. you should be happy right now, but you´re not. So for once, do what you want to do" She said, smiling at me before walking to a table. I sighed and bit my lip. But what do i want to do?




"You tired?" I asked Justin in the phone as I sat on the couch in my appartment. "Yeah, just been really busy these last few days" He sighed, "but anyways, anything interesting happening?" He asked and I heard some suffeling in the background, "nah, nothing out of the normal" I said, "come here then" he said, suddently serious, "what?" i laughed nervously. "come here, to LA, to me. just come" He said, "I, I cant just-" He cut me off, "yes, you can" He stated determinded, " Listen, okay? I´m gonna say it straight out" He said then continued, "I miss you, and I want you here with me. And to be honest, I dont know what the hell you are still doing in Southport. You have so much in you and to you, and you´re just wasting it. you should be here, making music, movies, whatever. you should be here with everyone,with your fans, with me" He said. " You should be here, showing the world your talent, but you´re not because you are too scared. And I get that, I do. It´s okay to be scared, but it´s not okay to let the fear stop you from doing what you want" He continued on. "I,-" He cut me off again, " I love you, you know that. And I really want to be with you, but how can we continue this relationship if you are stuck in Southport and I´m on the other side of the country? Everything will be easier if you come here, you know that as well. I know you want to. You´re just scared. But you´re not alone, and it wont be like last time" He said strongly and my breath hitched. It was quiet for some seconds before he sighed, "look.. the AMA´s are in a few days, and I would really like it if you could be there with me for support" He said gently. "i´ve got to go now, but we´ll talk later. Love you" He said and I heard the beeping start. "I love you too" I mumbled even though he had hung up already. 


I ended up at my secret place. Sitting down in the ground, I looked out over the view, just thinking about how right Justin was in everything he said. I am a coward. Simple as that. tell me to name everything that is negative with moving to LA again, and I´ll probably end up finding the negative in the positive as well. I thought about everything for a long while, before, "what the hell" I muttered and picked up my phone. I called Lynn. i didnt get the chance to see her when i was in LA with Justin because she was in London. I talked to her for a long time, and I think I lost my hearing for a minute there, she can get really loud. She was rambling on and on and I just sat there trying to keep up with her words but it didnt go all that well. After talking to her, I called my mom. 


"hello mom" I smiled to myself, "sweetheart, hi" Her happy voice said, "how is everything going?" I asked and leaned back against the tree. "Good!good. Everythings good"She chirped, " your dad just lost a tennis match against Will so he´s not a happy camper" She said and i laughed, "wow, good look trying to get him happy again" I chuckled. "I know, I about to give him a twixbar so i hope that will help" She chuckled, "anyways, how are you?" She asked, "Im good too. Just a bit bored, not much to do" I said lightly, "yes i can see that one, I never really liked Southport" She said and I rolled my eyes smiling, "I know mom" I chuckled, "Are Justin still in LA?" She asked, "yep" I nodded, "he moved back there, you know. had to now that he has his album out and all" I said and closed my eyes briefly as a gust of wind hit me, "right...and how is that going for you guys?" She asked, "I dont know" I said, looking forward, "oh honey, I´m sure it will be okay" She soothed. I smiled, "I know it will" I said, "Hey mom?" I asked, "hm?" She said. "My house isnt sold, right? And no ones living there now? you know, rented it or something?" I asked, "uh, no. It´s yours, why would we sell it?"she chuckled, "why do you ask?" She asked. I grinned, "I´m moving home" 





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america´s sweetheart - part 28 -

So for the next hour or so, twitter was probably over capasity because of this question round Justin started. I was laughing my ass off though, his fans are seriously dirty minded and perverted. most of them are funny and write stuff that makes you laugh, but then there is those who are a bit over the top, but funny anyways. Justin actually blushed at a few questions, which suprised me. I answered a few for him as well, wont say no for a chanse to embarress him a little.



It was the day for the party and I was a exited. Justin was ten times worse than me though, he was really looking forward to it. right now he was jumping around in a sleepingbag the hotel room with, the zipper all up so he couldnt see a thing. He was singing some random song, and i started to wonder about what his mental age was, but then i remembered that he was a guy and suddently it made sense. "Justin!" I called but he didnt hear me, "Justin!" I shouted and he stopped, turning to the sound of my voice, "what?" He asked, his voice muffled, "your phone is ringing" I said and heard the zipper go quickly down and Justin head come to view. He jumped over to the table and grabbed his phone,"yo"He answered and i walked to the small kitchen to get something to drink, a coke. I was just about to take the first gulp when the box was snatched away from my hand. my mouth dropped and i turned to glare at justin who were now drinking my coke. He smirked at me and drank it all up. "yes justin, you can have the coke i was seconds away from drinking" I said sarcastically with an eye roll. I opened the fridge again and grabbed a new one, opening it. Justin chuckled, "Thank you baby i knew you would say yes" He grinned cheeckly, pecking my cheek. 


Justin said that the party wasnt a dress up party, more like a casual with a hint of dressy, so I picked something simple. Cute, but not too cute. I braided my hair to a sidebraid. When the hair is so long, it is easy for it to get in the way all the time and that is really annoying, so a braid is simple and cute, and it keeps the hair away from your face, it is like a perfect hairstyle.


"here we aaaare" Grinned exitedly. We were on the backside, and two bodyguards were waiting for us. Justin held my hand as we walked towards the local where the party was held. ,"there is alfredo, you´re going with him. I´ll be with you in like, and hour or so" Justin smiled, kissing me, "alright, take your time. have fun" I smiled and pecked his lips. i was about to pull away but justin held my hips firmly and pressed his lips harder to mine, making me smile into the kiss, "now you can go"Justin smirked after a couple of minutes of kissing. I grinned, kissing him one last time before turning around and walked to Alfredo. "well hello Victoria, nice of you to finally join me" He smirked playfully and i chuckled a bit embarressed, i have never been a fan of PDA. " There isnt that many people here yet, but I can indroduce you two a few of our friends" Alfredo offered and i nodded, walking with him.


The room wasnt all that big. The lightning was very dim, but it was several spotlights in different colors around the room so it wasnt like we couldnt see anything. There was a big table which looked just s edible as the food and snacks on it, along with the different types of drinks. I remember one of my release party, we didnt make it this big though. It would mostly be me and my crew, along with the ones I worked with on the album and my family there, and we would just celebrate the release of the album. It was fun, i remember that. " Not everyone in our crew is here though, but many of them. we´re a bit gang" Fredo chuckled and looked around as we kept walking, "you know, when i grew up i was a big fan of yours" He said randomly. I smiled wide, "really?" I asked and he nodded, "yep. Still am, ofcourse. It is just weird walking with you, you know. You´re actually here after so long" He said and i nodded, "yeah.." I trailed off unsurley, " are you planning on a comeback, or?" He asked. "uh..i dont know yet" I tried to make my tone casual. "well, here they are" He grinned as we reached a groupe of people."oh and by the way, justin told everyone to not fangirl over you so dont worry about it"He smirked and i was confused, they all know who i am?


he introduced me to everyone. There were two of his male dancers there, they both seemed really cool. Everyone was really relaxed and playfull, it seemed like they all knew how to have a good time. Everyone was easy to get along with and that made everything easier. We talked mostly, they told me stories from the last tour, mostly embarressing things Justin did ( which i by the way will have a lot of fun teasing him about later), and I answered their questions they asked and told them a little about southport.




A pair of arms sircled around me from behind and I smiled automatically, turning my head so i could see Justin. He grinned at me, "hi" he said and stept to my side, keeping his arm around my waist, "hey guys. Victoria treating everyone alright? I know how she can get.." jusitn trailed off teasingly and i rolled my eyes at him as i heard light laughter from the group. "Idiot" I muttered under my breath, "was it fun?" I asked him and he nodded, "very. Everyone got a picture and we took this group picture where we did this silly weird thing" He chuckled and lifted his snapback from his head, adjusting it before putting it back down. "where are they?" I asked confused as i couldnt see anyone who looked like exited bieberfans. Most of the guests came a while ago, "yeah, they-"He got cut off by exited talking coming closer and there they were, twenty-something beliebers, all of them looking like they thought they were dreaming. I chuckled at the sight and Justin grinned as well, "are right there" He finished with a chuckle.


The hours went by fast. Justin convinced me to join him when he greeted the guests, which where fine by me. He simply indroduced me as Victoria. Of course, I´ve met a lot of these people some years ago as the reconginzed me, but it wasnt a big deal. They were suprised, maybe a bit shocked as well, but they seemed happy, thats a good thing? It was nice to see many of them again, they are all so nice. Justins album were playing over the speakers through the night, and Justin even performed two songs. He spent a lot of time with his fans too, but i told him i couldnt join him with them, and he understood.






This is so incredibly awesome i cant even.  If it wasnt for me pinching myself every five minute i would have been certain that i was dreaming. But no, here i am, at Justin biebers album release party. Im in the same room as Justin, i took a picture with him. Im in the same room as several celeberties and i have had actual conversations with them. how sick is that? this doesnt happen, but it did. I had managed to bring in my Ipod, but it doesnt have a camera, so i couldnt sneek a few pictures. I had the twitterapp though, so i was updating my followers which only seemed to get more and more for each tweet. Guess everyone wants to know whats happening inside here.


I glanced at Justin again, seeing him talking to a girl, laughing. I couldnt see her face though, she had her back to me, but she looked good from behind so i bet she looks good. I looked at her curiously, they stood really close. Just to say it, im not obsessed with Justin. Of course, Ive had my fair share of daydreams of him, but im not waiting to because Mrs.Bieber, if you get me.


@standbyjustin: guys im freaking out is this real life


I squinted my eyes at Justin and the girl, then they widened as I saw Justin grin before leaning down, and it looked like he kissed her. If it was on the cheek or mouth i dont know, but he defiantly kissed her. wow. My heart beated faster, Justin has a girlfriend? or? oh my god am i the first belieber in the world to know? I looked around, the rest of the winners of the competition were all talking to someone. I looked back at Justin and the girl, Justin had his arm around her waist as they talked to some guest. I sighed, Jusitn had his arm around me only two hours ago. good times, good times. I studied Justin and the girl, I could see her from her side, but i was too far away to see who it actually is. Maybe someone famous? He looked really happy though. He smiled really wide, his true smile, not the smirk he does when he´s trying to look more perfect than he already is.


I decided not to tweet about the girl. What´s the point, it will only create rumous and that is not what i want. and some bitches will start to send hate and create unneccessairly drama. So i wont tweet about it. A little while later, i had managed to get a chat with the one and only Will smith and i was dying inside it was unreal. I looked around and saw Justin goofing around with Jaden, which made me smile. Justin is right there, and here i am, just standing around observing everyone. Good thing i did though, because suddently the girl justin was with was standing only a few feet away from me, picking a glass of something off the table. I pursed my lips, should i?


I looked at her, trying to figure out who she is. she looked familiar. I studied her somemore as she took a small cookie and brought it to her mouth. Then i got it. "Victoria!" I almost shouted as i noticed. She quickly turned to me scared, her movement with her cookie stopped half in her mouth as it was open and her eyes wide. My face was the same, minus the cookie halfway through my mouth. She unfroze as she saw me and let out a breath. "wow. you scared me" She laughed lightly and i couldnt get out a word, "victoria? victoria francis? Im not just seeing things am i? I know being here is unreal and stuff, but im pretty sure im not imagining you infront of me" I ranted until she laughed again, "Hello. Im victoria" She chuckled and i gulped. Are you fucking kidding me, "not possible" I whispered in disbelief. She looked a bit nervous now, "you´re one of the winners?" She asked kindly and all i could do was do nod slowly. 


" you like it so far? I dont know where justin is now, but if you want, im sure yuo can just find him and talk to him or something, i doubt he´ll mind, in fact, he was actually talking eariler about how he wanted to talk to everyone of you so you can just go over to him and yeah, talk" She rambled and i got out of my transe. Victoria Francis rambles too? she´s actually human? wow. "I though you were dead" Oh great, really great. You´re standing infront of America´s sweetheart, and the ony thing you manage to say is that? good job. She looked down, "yeah.."She trailed off unsurly, "no, i mean, shit.." I cursed, "I just, since you disapeared, i just though..never mind, it´s really you?" I asked and she grimazed, nodding. "wow" I said shaking my head, "really freaking wow." I muttered. " I cant believe this" I said looking at her again, what the fuck is going on around here. am i getting punked? "you´re coming back?!" I grinned hopefully, "a comeback? something?"I grinned, almost jumping. She bit her lip, smiling awkwardly, "I dont know..."she trailed off, "please! please, really, please. that would be the best thing to happen like, EVER. oh my god, you´re really here. WOw." Great, just embarress yourself more, go ahead. She laughed lightly, "we´ll see how it goes" She smiled gently, "AND you´re with Justin. Holy shit, thats is sick." I said breathlessly. "oh, we´re..uh," she stuttered. I smirked, "dont worry i wont tell and i dont mind you´re actually normal, you will be good with him" I said honestly. "thank you" She said honestly, "Vic! babe, get over here" I heard Justin laugh. I grinned, that was cute. And Wooow, She´s blushing? "he really needs to learn how to fucking shut up" I heard her mutter, making me laugh, "He shouts all the time" She added, "can we take a picture before you go?" I almost begged. A glint apeard in her eyes, "of course" she grinned. "I dont have a camera" I said and she shrugged, "we´ll use my phone. I´ll post it..on my tumblr or something" She said and my mouth dropped, "you have a tumblr?!" I said and she looked at me weirdly, "of course"She chuckled. "say cheese now" She grinned and held her phone infront of us and took the picture.What the hell who is this normal girl? i thought celeberties didnt have tumblrs like normal people do.  She said bye to me before walking to where justin sat, and he dragged her down on to his lap. How cute. 





I was having a great time. I talked a lot to my fans who were here, they liked my music and everything was good. My friends were here, Victoria was here, some of my family too. It was a great night. I was sitting  by a random table with Victoria in my lap. She sat sideway over my thights, so I could see her and have my arm around her waist. four other were sitting with us, and they seemed to get along with Victoria really good. "you good?" I asked her and kissed her exposed shoulder. She looked down at me, "I´m awesome" She smirked. I chuckled, "good" I grinned, "according to the faces of your fans, I would say that your album is pretty great" Vic smiled at me and I grinned, "They told me" I chuckled, "I´m happy they like it" I said and Victoria rolled her eyes, "love it" She said, "like I love you" She added cutely and I grinned, leaning my head up and she met me half way into a sweet small kiss. "I love you too babe" I smiled.


america´s sweetheart - part 27

i laughed, "Im saying that im amazed by your talent and im being mean?" I said and she sighed, rolled her eyes playfully, "fine youre not mean" She chuckled, "thank you" She added and i grinned cheekly, eating my apple.



" We have to leave tomorrow for the release party" Justin spoke, snapping me out of my little daydeam. My eyes were wide, "what?" I asked almost scared. Justin looked at me weird, "..the release party? for my album?" He said slowly and i gulped, "I´m coming?" I asked, my voice small. Justin frowned at me, "I thought you wanted to come? you dont want to?" He asked, looking hurt. "i..i- i just," I stuttered and his frown deepened, "i wont make you come or anything. I just thought you wanted to" He said and i swallowed, "no, i do! of course. I just..i,, the red carpet and stuff..i just, dont, you know," I mumbled and Justin looked at me before laughing, "Vic, i asked you to come with me to the party, not everything before. You dont have to do the carpet, i would never make you do that" He chuckled. I looked at him weirdly and he laughed again, "Vic, i have to go the carpet because it´s my party, and my fans will walk with me. You can join my team while that is going on. I just really want you there, you can meet the rest of my team too."He smiled gently. "oh" I said, "it´s not a problem at all then. Of course I´ll come" I grinned now and justin rolled his eyes playfully. "great. You dont even have to be there for the whole night. if you feel uncomfortable, you can go back to the hotelroom" He smiled gently and i sighed happily. "There´s a no camera rule, so no one can take pictures of you either" He grinned and I kissed him, "I´m really exited now" I smiled.



I´m too lazy for my own good sometimes. Justin and I are flying to LA today, and i cant bother to dress in proper clothes. Sweats are okay flying clothes. Looking at Justin though, he didnt share my ideas. Apperiantly, his "swag" had to be upheld so he wore normal clothes. I swear, he is more obsessed with fashion than what i am.



We were halfway through the flight and I was bored. Justin was sleeping, and i had already taken pictures of him so i couldnt do that again. I sighed and looked around. Not much to do on a jet either. Then i just started thinking. I wonder how the guests at the party will react. I wont make a big deal out of my self, im just gonna blend in and not draw any attention, why should i? it´s nothing special that im there. I´m kind of nervous to meet some of the others in Justins crew. I know how much they mean to him and how close they all are, what if they wont like me? That would be really bad.  I know that not everyone can like me and stuff, but i really want the people closest to Justin to like me.


I was staring at Justin, hoping he would somehow feel my eyes on him and wake up, which he did. He stirred at bit, frowning before opening his eyes slowly. He looked around tiredly before his look landed on me, and when he saw me staring, he jumped, his eyes wide, "jeez woman" He sat and sat up, groaning a little, "you scared me, stalker" He smirked and i rolled my eyes, "I was bored, okay?" I sighed and slumped down in my seat, "there´s nothing to do here" I complained annd Justin chuckled, "That is why i slept" He stated, "but I guess we can do something funny" he said and looked around, "what abooout..."He thought for some moments, "we can do an #AskJustin on twitter" He grinned and i chuckled, realizing that the jet had wifi to it.


So for the next hour or so, twitter was probably over capasity because of this question round Justin started. I was laughing my ass off though, his fans are seriously dirty minded and perverted. most of them are funny and write stuff that makes you laugh, but then there is those who are a bit over the top, but funny anyways. Justin actually blushed at a few questions, which suprised me. I answered a few for him as well, wont say no for a chanse to embarress him a little.

america´s sweetheart - part 26

"you really think we can write a whole song, record it and finish it in less than a week?" I said sceptically. I doubt that is possible. Justin shrugged, "Hello, we both write music left and right, we can at least give it a try" He said. "sure .im in" I smiled. "i can add is as a secret bonustrack! so when we release the tracklist, it will say "this track is a secret" " He grinned boyishly. I rolled my eyes, "not suprised you came up with something like that" I chuckled. "what kind of song do you want to write then?" I asked him, and then our planning and writing started.





@justinbieber: guess who just added another song for the album



We managed to write a song. It is a cute song, and we´re done recording my vocals. Apperiantly, Victoria knew a music studio inside out, so it was only the two of us who produced it and stuff. "Victoriaaa" I said as sweet as i could. She looked at me weirdly, "yes?" She asked hesitant, "I know something that will make this song ten times better" I said, using my cutey face. She smiled happily at me, "okay then, let me hear it" She smiled and i smirked inwardly, "you can have the background vocals" I said, pouting after her. She looked at me dryly, "no" she said and i huffed, "pleease, it will be soo good! just the seconds, not anything else, pleeease" I whined and she sighed, looking at me, "why not get anyone else to do it?" She asked and i rolled my eyes, "because anyone else isnt here right now, you are. And i want you" I said, throwing her a wide smile. "fine" She grumbled, "just the background. nothing more nothing less" She said sternly and i nodded, rolling my eyes. 


So we worked on the song for the rest of the day, filling in Viccy´s voice on some parts. When it was done, we called Scooter on Skype and he got to hear it.  He loved it, calling me a cheesy fucker for writing a song like that, but that it was really good. He also informed me a little about the release party. The party is the same night as the album gets on Itunes and in stores. I had already planned my outfit for the night, that was how exited i was.


"you know, this song is really great" Victoria spoke as we heard it one more time. "Your fans will probably fawn over it" She chuckled and i had to agree, girls tend to like songs like this. "cant we record one of your songs? pleeease" I pouted, begging her almost. She hesitated, "pretty please, i´ll buy you ice cream" I offered and she sighed, " You can hear it but i wont record it" She agreed and i sighed, agreeing with it even though i wanted to record her song. hm, i will just videotape her with my phone then. She walked to the corner and grabbed the acustic guitar before joining me again. " I wrote it some months ago" She smiled at my shlyly, "you´re the first one to hear this" She informed me and i actually felt pride of that fact. She cleared the throath and strummed the guitar before starting.


Im a phoenix in the water

a wish that´s learnt to fly

and ive always been a daughter

but feathers are meant to fly

so im wishing, wishing further

for the exitment to arrive

it´s just i´d rather be causing the chaos

than lying at the sharp en of this knife


I found myself relaxing in my seat as I looked at Victoria when she played. Her fingers played so easily over the strings of the guitar, and her voice was smooth.


with every small disaster

I´ll let the water still

take me away to some place real

´case they say home is where your heart is set in stone

where you go when you´re alone

is where you go to rest your bones

it´s not just where you lay your head

it´s not just where you lay your bed

as long as we´re together, does it matter where we go?





I got chills. This song she wrote matches her voice perfectly. I was in awe, and smiled to myself as I watched Victoria smile while singing her song. She looked so into the lyrics, like it was just the music and her, it was amazing to watch. To see her so inlove, almost, in the music that she just..flows. Everything was so smoothing, and I hope that when i performed, I looked like that as well. I could just take one look at Victoria now, and see just how much of herself she puts into her music and how much she loves it.



so when im ready to be bolder

and my cuts have healed with time

comfort will rest on my shoulders

and I´ll bury my future behind

I´ll always keep you with me

you´ll always be on my mind

but there´s a shining in the shadows

I´ll never know unless I try


With every small disaster

I´ll let the water still

take me away to some place real

´cause they say hom eis where your heart is set in stone

is where you go when you´re alone

is where you go to rest your bones

it´s not just where you lay your head

it´s not just where you make your bed

as long as we´re together does it matter where we go?





Her lyrics held such meaning and were so powerfull. If Scooter or LA Reid was here to hear this, they both would have pissed their own pants by the strengts of this song and her voice, I bet.



´cause they say hom eis where your heart is set in stone

is where you go when you´re alone

is where you go to rest your bones

it´s not just where you lay your head

it´s not just where you make your bed

as long as we´re together does it matter where we go?





She strummed the last note and looked up at me expectant, "so, what do you think?" She asked, her face hopefull. A grin took over my face and I shook my head, "and you´re keeping that much talent for youself?" I said, " quite selfish if you ask me" I tutted jokingly and she laughed lightly bashfully, "Seriously though, that was.. i dont know, amazing. I dont even understand how you come up with these lyrics or anything" I said impressed. "Thanks.." She said quietly and I rolled my eyes at her for being uncomfortable at me complimenting her. She cleared her throath, "anyways, I spent a lot of time on this song, and you were kind of my insperation for it, so i wanted to say thank you, i guess.." She trailed off, looking embarressed at her confession and i just beamed at her words, "really?" I grinned happily and she nodded, chuckling lightly, "  It is kind of about everything that has happened. I never knew where my home was, but when i got to know you, i started to realized that "home" doesnt neccesserarly have to be where you come from or live, just about who you are with" She explained and i had a beaming smile still. Leaning forwards, i captured her lips with mine into a passioned kiss, "you´re amazing. I love you" I said thruthully. Vic smiled widely, pecking my lips again, "I love you too".



"you know, your talent amaze me" I said as we were being lazy in my appartment. "It is such a shame that you´re keeping it hidden" I added and she looked at me from her book, "I´m not hiding it.." She said lamely and i scoffed, "well you´re not exactly showing it either" I said and she pouted cutely, "dont be mean" she said like a child, i laughed, "Im saying that im amazed by your talent and im being mean?" I said and she sighed, rolled her eyes playfully, "fine youre not mean" She chuckled, "thank you" She added and i grinned cheekly, eating my apple.



america´s sweetheart - part 25

"I havent had it like this for over a year, so it´s not something that happens often" She cleared out, " It hurts a lot when it happens, but after i take the pill and ice it, it goes back down rather quickly" She explained. I nodded, "god i was so worried" I breathed out. She grimazed, "sorry for scaring you" she frowned. I smiled and kissed the side of her face, "dont worry about it" I said gently, "It was one hell of a wake up call though" i said and she laughed, "yeah..sorry"she said again. I smiled and kissed her, happy that my heart had calmed down again. It cannot be healthy to wake up like that, it really cant.




Talking and telling people about my backproblem isnt something I am comfortable doing. It is a weak spot for me, butIm glad that Justin knows now. What happens is that basically, my lower backmuscles tense up and swell so it´s pressing on my spine. It´s awfully painfull, but that´s all it is, pain, it cant do any more damage to my back. Anyways, it happens rarely now.


"I just have to ask..why didnt your manager do anything about it? About everything, i mean." Justin asked. "My manager wasnt..nice. Lynn, my manager now, were kind of my second manager back then, and my main manager then was Tom. he was all about making money, and we realized a little late i guess. He was fired quickly enough, and Lynn continued" I explained. He nodded, "okay, but do i have to be like, more carefull about your back?" He asked and i shook my head, "no, dont worry. It´s very rare that it happens" I smiled. "okay good" He grinned. It was quiet for a few moments, before i had to ask, "do you think im ungrateful?" I asked nervously. Justin frowned confused at me, "i mean.. Lately all I have said is all the bad things about my career, and all, and you know, i left everything." I added. all i have been doing lately is complaining to Justin about all the shitty things that happened, not the good things. "I dont think you are. And i asked about what happened, so it´s not like you were ranting to me" He smiled gently, "And it´s obvious how thankfull you are to everything. Sure, som shitty things happened, but it´s the past now. youve learned from it, gotten stronger" He said, "We dont have to worry about it happening a second time. you, and we, can move on from it" He grinned and i nodded, agreeing completely.that part is over now, no more talking about it.




I was being lazy, scrolling through my tumblr dashboard. It was kind of funny, because no one knows how i am on tumblr. I follow some tumblrs blogs who is a fan of mine, and I can talk to them, and i feel closer to my fans in a way. Tumblr is something every teenage girl should have, it is awesome it really is.




"It´s amazing" I said honestly as justin showed me his songs on the album. "really?" He asked and i nodded, "It really is. You should be proud" I smiled and justin beamed, "thank you" He smiled. We were alone in the studio as Justin wanted to play me the whole record. " we should do a duett sometime" Justin smirked, cocking his eyebrow at me. I chuckled, "maybe" I grinned teasingly, "well, we can at least write a song together" He said and i nodded, "sure" I grinned. "So what now? the album is finished..."I trailed off unsurley, " Tomorrow we finish it. The release party is in a week i think. Im really looking forward to it, it´s gonna be so much fun. It was this competition, so about twenty of my beliebers are coming to it, and it´s gonna be a red carpet and everything. Scooter said that was a good Idea, Im just agreeing because it sounds cool" He grinned and i chuckled, "sounds awesome" I said. "I bet your beliebers are gonna be around you all night"I chuckled, "I think so too, but a lot of people are coming and i have to say hi to everyone of them" He smiled."Let´s hope for your safety that non of your crazy stalker beliebers won" I smirked and he rolled his eyes, "oh haha. They wont hurt me" He chuckled.


"You look nice today" Justin murmured, his hands slipping from my back down to my ass, sliding his hands in my backpockets. "thank you" I smiled, pecking his lips, "these shorts make your ass look amazing" He smirked, sqeezing my butt, smirking like a fool. Rolling my eyes I snorted, "perv" I smirked, "but thank you i guess that was a compliment" I added laughing. Justin grinned and nodded before pressing his lips hard to mine.


We were at Justin´s appartment, and I was making at the kitchen getting us something cold to drink. The weather just get hotter and hotter. "hey babe, come and see this" Justin called from the livingroom. I brought the two glasses with me and sat them on the table, looking over Justins shoulder from behind the sofa, at his mac screen. "Did i forget to mention that Im a triplet?" He smirked and my mouth dropped as i saw the photo,


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a quiet "oh my god" jumped out of me. Like, Justin is hot, not secret there, but three Justin´s? "Good thing it´s only one of you. your fans would all probably not be virgins anymore" I said and Justin laughed at me, patting my cheek, "shut up" He chuckled, "im serious. Half of the tweets for you are probably, MY OVARIES, anf then some GIF showing a bomb going off" I said and Justin laughed more, "how do you even know that?" He laughed. I rolled my eyes, "I have a twitter, yes?" I said obivously. " you went on it?" He looked confused, i nodded, "last week or something. It was weird, i wanted so bad to just tweet something" I chuckled and walked around the couch, sitting down next to him. "it would be so dope if you just tweeted something totally random. Like "Justin bieber is the hottest guy ever" or something" He said as he went into my profil on twitter. Well,i wouldnt be lying if i ever wrote that...I laughed, "i think you have enough of girls tweeting that"I teased and he rolled his eyes, "My fans are seriuosly funny. They crack me up every time i read my mentions" He chuckled lowly and  scrolled down my page. "aaaw" He cooed teasingly, "september 23, 2010" He grinned, " "i wish i had purple hair:("  He teased. I wrote that, apperiantly. I huffed, "I wanted purple hair, okay?" I said and nudged his side. He chuckled, "you wrote adorable tweets back then" He said and scrolled down. "I know i know, im the cutest" I said with a cocky sigh.



"scooter wanted us to do a duet" Justin chuckled later that night. My eyebrows raised, "what?" I said. He glanced at me, "yeah. Before he left he told me, "Justin, try your best to convince Victoria to do a duet with you, okay? do it for me, and for the rest of the world." So here is my attempt; Victoria, will you do a duet with me?" He said all so dramatic i couldnt help but to laugh. "sorry, but no. Maybe someother time" I said and his face filed with hope crushed. "But we can surely write a song together, just that it wont be a duet. And i wont sing" I added just to be the nice person i am.  He huffed, "fine" He said, "I should have it on the album" He smirked, lifting an eyebrow at me. "you really think we can write a whole song, record it and finish it in less than a week?" I said sceptically. I doubt that is possible. Justin shrugged, "Hello, we both write music left and right, we can at least give it a try" He said. "sure .im in" I smiled. "i can add is as a secret bonustrack! so when we release the tracklist, it will say "this track is a secret" " He grinned boyishly. I rolled my eyes, "not suprised you came up with something like that" I chuckled. "what kind of song do you want to write then?" I asked him, and then our planning and writing started.



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Hei! Velkommen til siden min der jeg legger ut selvskrevne historier! De siste historiene mine har vært skrevet på engelsk, men jeg har begynt med å ta imot forespørsler der jeg skriver Imagines på norsk til de som vil det. Jeg håper sefølgelig at du liker det jeg skriver, og hvis det er noe du lurer på er det bare å sende en mail!

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